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10 Songs to Set you on a Meditative Journey

Sometimes, we have trouble settling into a calm, or meditative state. Most of the time, what I need is music that will not push me into a certain mood or mindset, but that will wash over and let me have my own meditative thoughts, without infringing their messages on me.

Here are some songs that let me do exactly that. Whether you use them for: reading, writing, meditating, working, or painting etc, I hope these songs and instrumentals put you into a relaxed and meditative state.

1) “Re: Stacks” by Bon Iver

Bon Iver’s lyrics are typically indecipherable, and nonsensical when you do decipher them. His music settles over you like a blanket and shapes itself to whatever mood you find yourself in.

2) “Watermark” by Enya

This song by Enya is perfect for meditating, writing, or just sitting and daydreaming.

3) “Maybe” by Yiruma

This nostalgic song will sit with you on a rainy day and help you concentrate on any task.

4) “Lover’s Spit” by Leslie Feist

Though it may not be the best song for meditating, it’s trance-like quality has been my loyal companion through many hours of writing.

spiritual music to take you on a meditative journey5) “Oceans” by John Butler Trio

A little more upbeat than the others, this instrumental is perfect for hours of background music as you do anything, from organizing your closet to solving tough problems.

6) “We Can Begin” by C. Lanzbom

This meditative instrumental will bring you through the tides of many waters, whether you want to write, meditate, or ponder the wonders of the universe. (The song “We Can Begin” starts at 16:00 of the video.)

7) “Lullaby” by Sia

As the title suggests, this song has a beautiful lullaby quality, and can rock you into a peaceful sleep, or through a bumpy car ride.

8) “Holocene” by Bon Iver

Another Bon Iver song, because this song is a must for a beautiful meditative state.

9) “Down to the River to Pray” by Alison Krauss (“O Brother, Where Art Thou” soundtrack)

Overtly Christian lyrics aside, this vocally-layered and beautifully harmonic song is a meditative journey for any listener.

10) “Cello Suites No.1” by J.S. Bach

As for the classics, I chose Bach and his solemn, yet water-like, melodies.

I hope this playlist helps you find some peace, and the space needed to reach more meditative and clear places in your mind.

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Ester Eckhaus
Ester Eckhaus
Ester Eckhaus is a freethinking, philosophizing, spiritual being; focused on self-awareness, and helping people reach their highest selves. She is a poet, currently working on her first poetry compilation to be published soon. She lives and loves in Jerusalem, where she is starting a new chapter in life.

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