The Universal Baby Language Hints that We Come from the Same Source

“I was barked at by numerous dogs who are earning their food guarding ignorance and superstition for the benefit of those who profit from it. Then there are the fanatical atheists whose intolerance is of the same kind as the intolerance of the religious fanatics and comes from the same source. They are like slaves who are still feeling the weight of their chains which they have thrown off after hard struggle. They are creatures who—in their grudge against the traditional ‘opium for the people’—cannot bear the music of the spheres. The Wonder of nature does not become smaller because one cannot measure it by the standards of human moral and human aims.” ~ Albert Einstein

“We are all one” has been Fractal Enlightenment’s tag line for years now, its something that one experiences through altered stated of consciousness. The division is created by rulers, politicians and people who need to manipulate to rule us.

But is there real proof that we actually come from the same source? A recent conversation on the facebook page went through topics of how babies can be born evil. The only evidence provided was a ten year old committing murder.

Thankfully a ten year old is way past the baby stage, sadly a child was turned into this monster. No soul is born evil, if a child is born evil it would only mean that all of us are born evil.

As you may know the first seven years of childhood or the golden age is where all children develop their basics, in computer terms the BIOS has been programmed. In these first seven years a child can either be taught to love or to hate, to be kind or mean, to forgive or take revenge, and the truth is most of these settings are fed in from the parents, then teachers and the environment the child is brought up in.

But when a baby is born into the world, they come in with some basic knowledge that has been put in by the source. For example how to suckle, you don’t need to teach a baby to do that it just knows. The even better part that most parents discover on their parenting journey is their baby also knows how to communicate. Yes, in between the wailing, there are words or sounds the baby makes that actually tells you what he or she wants.

Although it isn’t easy to figure out, most of the hard-work was done by Priscilla Dunstan who realized that babies actually talk. They say ‘Neh’ when their hungry, ‘Owh’ to let us know they are sleepy, ‘Heh’ means they are in discomfort, ‘Eairh’ that their uncomfortable because of lower gas and ‘Eh’ means they need to be burped.

In Line with the Source

Does this really work? Do babies make these sounds? If you aren’t aware of it then it just sounds like the baby is crying. But if you know about it, wow its a life saver cause you know exactly what your baby is trying to communicate with you. We are currently successfully using it on our second child, we used it on our first child as well. Gary used it on his and my sister used it on hers, so yes.

Now comes the interesting part, this language isn’t limited to only English speaking children, it transcends the man made boundaries of nationalism, religion, caste, creed, race or language. This is the language that all babies speak across the world.

There you have it, apart from the ability to suckle the source puts in a communication system in all the babies that is the same. It din’t give the American babies a special accent, or the Indian ones more words to learn, or the Israeli and the Palestinian ones have the same birth language.

And then we grow up and boom. Welcome to the age of separation where we are so disconnected from the source that we don’t even have the thought or power to ask the real questions because we’re comfortable in our cocoons that has been created from the time of our birth.

We’re so happy to believe the lies and illusions that we are better than them because we have white skin, or we’re the chosen race or we come from a better god. Well its time to put that aside, you said Neh when you were hungry like me and you said Eairh when you wanted to fart just like me. It’s just that you have forgotten that you are my sister and you my friend who doesn’t agree with me because of your societal conditioning, are my brother.

No matter what you choose peace or war, no matter the path you walk, you and I come from the same source and you and I will go back to the same one, source, god, teacher, alien incubator whatever it is. You have only forgotten who you really are, connect back to the source it beats for you as we beat for you too.

One Woman Unlocks the Secret Language of Babies | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

Image Sources:

Source Visionary Art
“In Line With Source” Visionary Art By: Shawn Hocking
Alex Grey Newborn

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A Psychonaut who believes that humans have tremendous unharnessed powers within. To be immersed in the boundless gifts of nature and being self-sufficient is my Ikigai. With years of web tech experience, I founded and maintain Fractal Enlightenment.


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