4 Things to Remember when You Feel Your Life is a Mess

“He who sees his life as a process of external perfection does not fear external events.” ~ Leo Tolstoy

Something strange happens to us as we grow out of childhood into adolescence and then adulthood. The child that once had not a care in the world, that could get over anything at the drop of a hat, that could let go, move on and overcome anything with a resilience that is rarely found in any adult becomes strikingly different as time passes.

sparkles 1It seems as soon as the teen years begin we start having “problems.” We start to stress, worry, fret, fear and obsess over things. We begin to analyze… alot.

And with this analyzing, comes judgments and attachments to the way life should be, and the way we should be, which becomes the fear and anxiety that our life is nothing like how it should be, and we are nothing like how we should be. You get the point.

Now of course one could say that life gets harder as we age. We do have more responsibilities, bills to pay, kids to take care of and relationships to nurture, so it’s only natural that along with the added facets of our life comes the pressure and worry of having more things that we are required to take care of.

Or is it? Is stress really natural? Is doing something that could completely ruin our life even a legitimate concern? Yes and no. Before you start reading this article and it starts to make you feel like you are a complete lunatic, worry wart, or paranoid schizophrenic because you truly do have a high amount of stress, and have no idea how to move past it, I want to preface it by saying, always honor your truth.

The most important tool we have in healing and unraveling limited belief systems is our willingness to be honest with ourselves. By staying true to our most honest admission about how we are viewing life at the present moment, we open the space for actual healing to occur.

Honesty becomes acceptance which in the heart feels like love, and consequently when our heart feels loved it begins to let go of all its fears, rational or irrational.

That being said, the beauty of beginning to awaken into our true selves and beginning to see a much bigger picture of life is that we start to remember what we already knew when we were kids. Peace and harmony with life are our natural state. It’s impossible to ruin our life. The reality is, even if it doesn’t currently feel like it’s true in your heart at the present moment, nothing can ever go wrong.

Below are 4 Things to Remember when You Feel Your Life is a Mess :

IMG 43761) The one is all, the all is one

There is only one thing in existence. From this one “fabric” of existence, all things have been birthed. Call it God, the universe, source energy or consciousness but to know that all things are a manifestation of this one actually proves that we can’t take a step out of “divine order.”

To do something that this divine presence did not will would actually be impossible because there is only divine will, since only this divine exists. It doesn’t mean things won’t be painful, or scary or surprising, it only means that if its happening, it was supposed to happen.

If it was supposed to happen, then there must be a very good reason as to why it’s happening, which we may come to know after some time, or we may never know, but knowing that we could never take a misstep outside of this higher intelligence’s plan shows that we can never be separate from our destiny.

2) The universe is benevolent, intentional and self-correcting

Have you ever sat and thought about the perfection of existence? There are trees that need sunlight and there just happens to be a sun that shines, and there are people that need oxygen and there just happens to be these trees that give off oxygen, and we just happen to have all the tools in our bodies to create new life etc etc…

To really look at how everything works so perfectly in conjunction with the rest of nature shows how un-random life is. And while it may be easy to spot this in nature, it is often harder to realize this benevolent undercurrent in our daily life. However, its there. Think about all the times in the past where you thought your life was over, you were ruined, or your heart was broken and now think about how it all worked out in the end.

You ended moving on, finding new avenues, people to date, places to work etc.. The universe self corrects, its supportive, and loving and even though it doesn’t always feel like it, it is the guiding force of every single interaction and moment we partake in. The universe is always working things out for us behind the scenes.

3) You are going to die

Ok, at first glance this statement may sound ominous and actually sound like the proof that we can in fact mess our life up. However, anyone in tune with the metaphysical side of life can tell you the fact that our physical body along with the storylines of our life and all of the alleged concerns and worries, will one day die, and this in fact proves that this is not really what is “real.”

Yes for the time being it feels very real, and that’s not to say that things won’t feel fearful or stressful as they are happening to us, its only to say that as an infinite being who’s been around much much longer than our human mind can comprehend, this little lifetime of a hundred years is merely a blip in existence.

In the grand scheme of things, it won’t matter much, which should make us less inclined to get wrapped up in the day to day stresses that our finite minds conjure up.

IMG 42304) Unconditional love is the ultimate truth

The higher we rise in consciousness the more we come to know that unconditional love is the only truth of existence. We are given years upon years of judging ourselves, judging others, being afraid of situations or feeling emotions only to come to this one realization: we are loved no matter what.

The judgment from our mind is only ever stemming from our egoic attachments which begin to heal and unravel the minute we begin loving ourselves through any alleged adversity.

To know we are always loved no matter how we feel, act, think or choose proves that no matter what we can never mess up our lives because the mere belief that things could be messed up beyond repair is a belief that stems from a soul who has no idea how unconditionally accepted it is always.

The fact of the matter is, you are a loving being of light who has come here to participate in a play of sorts in which you pretend to be a character who faces adversity. The way through every adversity of your life is to love yourselves in spite of how you naturally feel. When we come to know that love is the ultimate reality of existence we also come to see that we can do no wrong, even if we think we can.

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