3 Steps Towards Manifesting What You Desire Out Of Life

“Reality is a projection of your thoughts or the things you habitually think about.” ~ Stephen Richards

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a bit of trouble swallowing the law of attraction. I admit; this is largely due to my own disbelief that it is ever possible to have everything you desire. Everything you say? I mean… Are you sure…? That sounds pretty implausible.

For many years it seemed that life was about struggle, or at least struggling until you had put the work in and then the universe would answer your call, also known as God answering prayers. I found that when I threw a tantrum and said that’s enough!

I can’t take any more of this, this is bullshit! Or that’s the end of that then was the only time I ever got what I wanted.

It’s only now that I see what was actually happening. Having done a fair amount of ‘accidental’ manifestation in my life as well as a lot of mindfulness during meditation; dissolving negative thoughts and successfully observing the ego, I finally realize that it takes a balance of both of these two in order to create a successful and happy life.

the flower of life by observer11235 d537mwrMeditation on its own may lead to calm and for you to be able to appreciate and become one with the inherent love of reality or the presence of the Whole, but without actually manipulating the law of attraction you’re probably not going to go anywhere. And let’s face it; most of us aren’t wanting to become gurus or hermits dedicated to walking the lone spiritual path.

Similarly, manifestation on its own is akin to greedily assuming you will win the lottery just because you imagine a waterfall of gold showering down on you every night before you go to bed. It just doesn’t work like that.

So how do you create this balance in life; opening up the space inside of you during meditative states and creatively and proactively discovering and working towards your life purpose?

Here are 3 Steps Towards Manifesting What You Desire Out Of Life

Ritual and Intention

First you will need to draw up or arrive at a daily routine that honours all aspects of presence and manifestation, but also enables you to find where the energy lies. You will need to do about a week of dedicated practice in order to connect with the Whole; the loving and intrinsic feeling of belonging we uncover when we pull back the illusion of the ego; but also discover what the energy of what you desire feels like.

Here is a good template that is similar to one you would find on retreat but can be incorporated into daily life:

5.15am: Mindfulness or Vipassana Meditation. Focusing on observing the mind and thought forms. Close this meditation by setting an intention: for example, ‘today I chose joy’, or ‘today I will try to remember to come back to the breath every time I catch myself over-thinking’, or ‘today I will name my thought formsth as soon as I recognise them’; i.e judging, criticizing etc to allow you to stay as the observer.

6am: Yoga or Qi Gong on grass/outside to connect with inner energies and ground self. Any exercise or outside work will actually do, connecting with Gaia and developing a conversation with her is the goal here.

7am – 7pm: Normal life. Cutting out sugar and addictive foods will help with your mindfulness practice. Staying aware in your interactions with others. Taking deep breaths throughout the day and staying centered, pure of intention and as the observer of mind chatter.

But also, and most importantly implementing manifestation exercises. Kind of like active imagination or intentional daydreaming, manifesting your desires will take a bit of creativity. See step 3 for more detail on how to approach these.

7pm – 7.45pm: Evening chant followed by chakra clearing meditation and manifestation exercises. As you close this meditation give gratitude for everything you have and send those you love (or hate!) good vibes.

8pm or before bed: Set intention as you go to sleep.

Pure of Purpose and Synchronicity

One of the biggest blockages for manifestation is whether you are pure of purpose or not. This comes from poverty vows or monastic oaths you might have made in past lives, or perhaps it is your poverty consciousness that you have been conditioned with since birth by family members.

In fact, a quite prevalent belief nowadays is that these negative thought forms and poverty consciousness have been pumped into humankind purposefully for millennia in order to subjugate the human race. This pumping of disempowerment through negative media, vaccination programmes, chem-trails etc is believed to have kept us from blending with our higher aspect and discovering the God within.

The cycle of Samsara could be seen as engineered by forces who haven’t had our best interests at heart. But that time is coming to an end now and our higher aspects are ready to come into the fore. This is why putting yourself in alignment and staying vigilant against negative thought forms daily is essential.

The blockages you may have experienced so far in your life can also be attributed to your higher aspect’s fear that in having money or power you will repeat patterns of greed from lives before or become the tyrant you may have seen or suffered from.

Rather than fork out loads of money to have a past life regression, do your own work.


Simply visualizing the blockages and where they exist in your body during meditation or connecting to your timelines; ancestral, past etc will give you clues as to what you need to face.

Facing or embracing your ‘monster’ as you might in dream work can be arrived at by taking an inventory of your life in order to see the patterns you are repeating.

Rather than analyzing them, simply connect with that energy in meditation and visualize them dissolving away. Or imagine yourself stepping through them; out into the other side to see what it would look like if you were to overcome them.

This is a crucial part of manifestation and you will find that when something is not kind or will negatively affect another then your higher self will block it. Synchronicity comes into play when you have completed your daily routine for a week or two and are able to see how your microcosm reflects your macrocosm.

For example: If notice you are constantly letting your kitchen fall into disarray and never take out the trash on time this is probably reflecting how you are not facing up to certain responsibilities and it is effecting and blocking your manifestation goals.

Through awareness we can see those microcosmic habits we are performing and we will only discover the next step on our manifestation paths if we tackle what our awareness has led us to. This then feeds back in to our ‘monster’; the big macrocosmic block that is keeping us from our true life paths.

Manifestation Exercises

And so, finally, we are ready to begin really implementing some manifestation exercises which should be practiced as much as possible during ‘normal life’ (7am-7pm).

Spiritual Awakening5

This is actually the fun bit and can be anything you can imagine. Say you want to be a successful singer; every time you sing imagine you are singing to a large crowd who are smiling lovingly back at you.

Explore the reasons behind your desire to sing; do you want to rise to expectations from someone, do you want to be the centre of attention or do you just love singing no matter what response you will get?

Say affirmations to focus the energy you want to attract and say them in the present tense: the audience loves me, I am a well-loved singer-songwriter, I am going down in the history books etc.

You will feel silly, but really what you’re doing is experimenting by finding the correct energy for what you want to manifest and bringing it into your body. That way you can call on it (without needing the words, they’re just a tool) anytime in the day, anytime you remember to.

Take an attitude of wishing, praying and asking and experiment with which one hits the spot. Try looking up at the stars every night before you do your evening meditation and pray for what you want, shooting up a rocket – as Jim Carrey said – of intention into the sky and persisting with it.

Imagine yourself signing fans’ album covers every time you sign your name, take each compliment about your voice and make the agreement with yourself that this is a sign it is your destiny to do this. Do a gig in front of 100 and agree with yourself it was 1,000.

Each time you playfully create a new attitude or way of looking at your life and what you do in it you can intentionally let it feed in to your goal, and even things that have nothing to do with singing (for example!) can hold and manifest your intention for where you are steering your life whilst detaching from any set outcome.

This video has some further ideas which are really helpful when it comes to creating your manifestation exercises:

This really is the opposite of victim-hood. It’s taking responsibility for what you want and creating it. You will find that this process can heal all of your wounds and past problems because it is like you are creating a portal of intention where every blockage or self doubt reveals itself to you as it becomes swept up in the current.

You can face your relationships with your parents, your peers; everything that is holding you back and put them to rest with an air of finality. It is also how we can create heaven on earth and there really is enough to go around. The illusion that there isn’t is lifting; and this incredibly empowering understanding could be the most positive healing you’ll never look back on.

Image source

Flower of Life
Art by Cameron Gray

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