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The More you Wake Up

The more you wake up, the more you realize everything that’s happening is a sign.
Books open at the right place when you’re beginning to become awake. You can be saved by messages you read in the sign on the road. You can be illuminated by somebody sitting next to you in a bus and humming a folk song that goes straight to the core of the problem…
~ Andrew Harvey

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At our Worst…We are Doubtful and Insecure.

At our Worst…We are Doubtful and Insecure.We are Confused and Filled with Fear.We are easily manipulated to Give Up,Give In and Give Away our Power.At our BEST…We are Mystical and Magical.We are Alchemists and Healers.We are Self-Responsible, Self-Empowered,Self-Aware and Self-Actualized Beings.Who Do You Wish to Be?~ Eric Allen

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