How Many Times Will we Cross Paths

How many times will we cross paths with a precious soul and wished we knew them sooner. Some souls come and give us this light. They share something beautiful and heartfelt. They share this type of love that’s only believed to exist in fantasies and movies. A rare type of love. But it’s there. It’s here. It’s in you. It’s definitely real. I could sit here and write so much about these rare souls. They are beautiful individuals. Souls that have been through so much in life. They have felt it all. They’ve felt their pain, my pain and your pain. The reason they are so special is because they have survived. They have transformed all that suffering and turned it into a healing for others. It’s not easy for them sometimes. But they have volunteered to showcase that purity within. Hoping to touch one soul at a time.
~ Carlos Medina

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