I Hope You Will Find Moments and Places

I hope you will find moments and places in your life that show you your problems are not as big as they seem. I hope that life will break you free of your own ideas about life and your potential. Yes, may life grown you always, in all ways. You never fully know what you think you know, darling. I hope you can settle into that truth for the wild adventure of discovery and learning it truly is. I hope you will be gracious to who you were back then and to the mistakes you made as you were trying to work it all out. I hope you will take a piece of joy wherever you choose to go and I hope that just because you have gotten good at surviving over the years, you won’t settle for a life of struggle. That you will seek out the magic of living as well. That you will be curious to see what else is out there for you, always. I hope that you will learn to laugh at yourself warmly and not get so caught up in your beliefs and opinions, so that you become stiff and brittle. And that slipping up won’t feel so detrimental to your progress, because your falling is what shapes your wings for soaring…
~ S.C Lourie

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