The Tranquil Effect of Green

“Green how I want you green. Green wind. Green branches.” ~ Federico Garcia Lorca

Have you ever wondered why we feel rejuvenated and nurtured after spending time in the lap of nature? Lush greenery or endless meadows always has a soothing effect on the human mind. It’s the colour green doing the trick.

Known to be the colour for poise, stability and harmony, Green creates equilibrium between the head and the heart. In many cultures around the world green color is the symbol of paradise, eternal life, virtue and beauty.


It was the color of heaven in Ming Dynasty, and in several religions green is associated with revival and renewal. Green is the color of love associated with Venus – the Roman goddess, Aphrodite – the Greek goddess, and in Celtic myths, the God of fertility.

Green is also the color of the heart chakra that is responsible for deep sense of self and a firm belief in one’s existence. Heart chakra bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual world. Balanced heart chakra helps one to be a compassionate and a loving human being.

People with good green energy are enthusiastic and possess generosity of the spirit. It gives them stability and endurance. The soul breathes clearly anywhere it goes and attempts to maintain that vibe.

Rochie Rana, a colour therapist says, “Green that lies in the middle of the colour spectrum is the colour of balance and also acts like a healing tonic for the mind, body and soul. It can turn stagnant energy around on its feet and infuse the unhappiest of people with a deep sense of enthusiasm. The colour to begin when one is on a mission to bring some ‘Joie de vivre’ to one’s life.”

People who suffer from low green energy are dealing with blockage of the Heart Chakra. An unbalanced heart chakra is the cause for chaos in the mind. The person dwells in negative emotions like greed, anger, fear, jealousy, has difficulty in concentrating or focusing in one area, and their desire to expand as a larger being diminishes.

One should introduce the color green to balance the chakra that promotes unconditional love, which gives you immense happiness and compassion. A soul filled with love doesn’t face any form of physical/health problems because of the energy that flows in the body.

Green happens to be the color of medicinal plants and raw vegetables that are filled with health benefits. It’s in the nature of green to cure and heal. Plant more trees or just a tiny plant in a pot, or introduce raw green vegetables in one’s diet to derive more green energy. Keep objects that are deep green in color inside your room for example empty wine bottles.

Be a master of your soul. Let the colour of nature fill you up with compassion, joy and happiness.

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Dinkar Singh Yadav

I really really like this website. It helps me to explore knowledge and also, helping me like it is expanding my consciousness. Also, my perception is completely changed about this universe and I try to think of ideas for changing this world and make people aware about their freedoms, inner self, peace, love, universe and god. All should become a free spirit.

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