The Honeymoon Effect and Realizing Your True Potential : Interview with Bruce Lipton ~ Part 3

In this last part of the interview with Bruce Lipton he talks about the Honeymoon Effect, and how relationships can remain healthy if each couple understands the true power of the conscious and subconscious mind.

He also highlights the power of thoughts in changing the genetic activity of cells – either positive or negative – both are equally powerful in changing the behavior in the genes.

6) How do you convey the idea of perfect health or ‘everything will be ok’ to your subconscious?

You have to see the world as being okay and healthy, because when you view the world that way, the subconscious programs will also complement those behaviors. The cells will see ‘oh life is beautiful’ and if we believe that, the idea of ‘oh I see perfect health’ gets translated by the brain into chemistry.

Just as I said, love as an idea translate into one chemistry and fear as an idea translates into different chemistry, therefore when you are visualizing or thinking that everything will be ok, you are sending signals of harmony, happiness via the brain to the cells. This is how you can convey the idea to the subconscious.

Now if you repeat this behavior consistently, remember repetition is creating new habits, then without even thinking about it you will end up seeing the world as everything is okay, and seeing yourself in perfect health and that will make the brain continually release the chemistry of that vision.

7) Based on your book ‘The Honeymoon Effect’, what are the few most important aspects for a couple to sustain the ‘honeymoon effect’? (If you can highlight a few)

In the movie, Matrix, everyone is programmed. If they take the blue pill, everyone stays the same and if they take the red pill they get out of the program. The interesting thing about it is, as I said in the beginning, most of our life 95% of the day is controlled by the subconscious programs which are other people’s behavior.

A important note – these behaviors are predominantly dis-empowering and self destructive. But then you would say, if I saw these behavior I wouldn’t do them. This is the problem that people have to understand, when you are thinking you are not paying attention, so you default to the programs in the subconscious.

red pill and the blue pill Matrix

The problem is because your conscious mind is not paying attention during that moment, you are also not seeing the behavior.

In fact the ones that do see the behavior are other people who are watching us. Every now and then does a behavior get observed and we are like, “Oh my gosh, I was just behaving like my father, or I was behaving like my mother.” This is where we got the programs from, and this is what’s going on 95% of the day, whether you see it or not.

So the Honeymoon effect is just like the movie The Matrix, its when we unconsciously took the red pill and got out of the programs of the subconscious, and how did that happen? The answer is this – when you fall in love, what were your life’s wishes, your ambitions and desires.

When you fall in love, you find that wish being answered and the person in your life being what you desire. It also means you don’t let your conscious mind wander, for a simple reason, what you wanted to have is now in front of you.

The important part of that is on a regular day we only run our lives 5% with our conscious mind’s wishes and desires and we run it 95% from the programs we got from other people.

When you fall in love we stay in what’s called ‘mindful,’ its a way of life where you keep your conscious mind in the present moment and don’t let it wander. So if you keep your conscious mind in the present moment then it is running your behavior (that’s the mind that has the wishes and desires). When you stay conscious, you create behavior that gives you your wishes and desires, that’s the honeymoon effect.

The honeymoon is this period where people’s life is like heaven on earth and they are so excited and healthy. I say that because they are experiencing what they want in their lives through the conscious mind.

Unfortunately, the honeymoon ends because at some point life gets very busy and the conscious mind has to start thinking and the moment the conscious mind starts thinking we are no longer behaving from the behaviors of wishes, but its controlled by the subconscious.

Honeymoon ends when your consciousness goes off into thoughts and as a result you start playing the programs in the subconscious. Now the relationship is based on 4 minds – the two conscious minds of wishes and desires and the two subconscious minds with programs.

As the subconscious mind program starts to take more power, the more thinking we are doing and running the subconscious and those programs are negative programs. When this bad behavior shows up in a relationship, it shows up without even the two people being aware that they are doing it.

Communication problems causes the breakdown of the harmony of the honeymoon and that ends. One of the most important aspect for a couple to sustain it – both should recognize that honeymoon was created from their wishes and desires; their personal source, their spirit, their identity because its the conscious mind. But when bad behavior shows up it doesn’t really represent them, but the programs they got from other people.

Its not the person in a relationship that is bad but the program that’s bad. If they are both aware that the bad behavior is not coming from their wishes and desires, it comes from the subconscious mind, so rather getting into arguments and fights, lets change these behaviors.

If they change the negative ones and replace them with positive behaviors every time they default to the subconscious, they start playing the positive programs and this way you will keep the honeymoon alive.

8) How can one sabotage beliefs of the conditioned mind, to be able to realize its true power?

Beliefs or the conditions of the subconscious mind are programs and if you want to experience its powers subconscious_thinking_process_reprogrammingthen basically, you have to be aware of them and rewrite the programs. People wonder what are my programs, especially because if I was being programmed even before I was born in the last trimester and the first 7 years, (pregnancy is when programming starts).

Do you remember the program when you were one year old, obviously I don’t, then there is an issue. How will I know what the programs are, because I wasn’t conscious when the programs were being created.

The answer is simple, 95% of our lives comes from the subconscious mind, because the conscious mind is thinking that means your life is like a print out of your subconscious programs. You have to look at your life and see the things that work and things that have come into your life easily, they are there because of the programs in the subconscious that encourage them.

But the things you want or create are difficult, and you have to work hard to make them happen. The reason you have to put so much effort is because you have programs that do not support your wish, and therefore you are trying to overcome a program that is operating 95% of the day that doesn’t support you.

You don’t have to go through psychoanalysis, all you have to do is look at your life – what ever comes easy is because you have programs, and whatever you have to work hard at and put a lot of effort into, those issues aren’t supported by the program.

Through the processes of the subconscious reprogramming mentioned before, once you know what the negative programs are, you can work specifically to rewrite them and make them positive programs, and your life will be empowered.

9) Most people ask for scientific evidence to back theories such as the power of your thoughts. What would you like to say to them?

Its a 100 years of research on something called the placebo effect. It is simply the fact that a positive thought can reverse the illness or genetic problem just because of the belief of that positive thought.

Placebo by definition is the expression of the positive thought and in fact research reveals that from one third to two-thirds of all medical healing is actually the result of the placebo and not due to drugs or surgery.

power-of-thoughtsThe placebo effect is a very powerful, scientifically understood process that reveals how the power of thought affects your biology and health. But now through Epigenetic research, we can see that how people change their thoughts, change their genes.

For example, just being in meditation for 8 hours can change the genes that control the immune system and help create better health.

Even taking placebo pills has been shown to be the result of a thought and those thoughts in turn change the behavior and genetic activity of the cells involved. Thoughts are very very powerful and one more study just to tell you about this.

Dean Ornish, a scientist in San Francisco, has revealed that taking prostate cancer patients and helping them change their stresses by teaching them meditation techniques and stress reduction techniques led to the patients change 500 genes in 90 days and most of them were associated with prostrate cancer.

Basically again we can see through the actual placebos that thoughts are very powerful because they heal, we can see through the actions of epigenetics studies how behavioral changes of an individual lead to genetic changes in their genome.

I wanted to add one last conclusion that all of these are talking about the consequences of positive thoughts affecting genes. People also need to know that negative thoughts are equally powerful to changing the behavior in the genes, but in the opposite direction. When positive thoughts can lead to healing, negative thoughts actually lead to disease and death.

Thoughts are powerful whether they are positive or negative, we’ve only been focusing on the nature of positive thinking but we must emphasize that negative thinking will cause illness and disease and it becomes important in our world because the predominant thoughts that people have are negative thoughts.

So people should know that both – positive and negative – are powerful.

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Subconscious reprogramming

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