Compliment Him, Don’t Just Wait for Him to Compliment You

Compliment him, don’t just wait for him to compliment you. Smile at him when he’s not looking and kiss his forehead just because you can. Hold his hand first instead of waiting for him to grab yours. Kiss him when the night is over, maybe he’s nervous. When walking beside him, hug his arm – he doesn’t have to be the one to wrap his arms around you first. Just because you assume he’s supposed to lead everything, doesn’t mean that’s how it’s going to be. It doesn’t always have to be the guy first. He needs love and support just like you do. Love him the way you want him to love you. Just because he’s a guy doesn’t mean he doesn’t need reassurance, tell him how you feel even if it doesn’t fir the conversation. Say you love him first and hug him when he’s being distant. Cuddle him in bed instead of turning over and waiting for him to react. When and if you ever argue say sorry first just, so he knows you’re not mad anymore and you want to work things out with him. Petty arguments are never worth the negative energy. Continuously let him know he’s important to you. He is yours, give him the world.
~ Unknown

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Hari Quoter
Hari Quoter
Hari is the one who removes darkness and illusion, so the name just fits perfectly, to remove darkness and illusions with the quotes. It also rhymed perfectly with Harry Potter :D giving rise to our fictional Quote master!
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