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Something I Have Learned is That You Just Don’t Know How Anything is Ever Going to Really go

Something I have learned is that you just don’t know how anything is ever going to really go. And you are going to hurt hard on some days. You will experience loss and tragedy and rejection. Nothing can protect you from that. Not money. Not power. Not even love. But you will also experience beauty and healing and surprises that soften the walls around your heart. They won’t always make the painful moments feel worthwhile. But sometimes they will. And that’s something we all deserve to experience. That feeling of growing flowers where there used to just be wasteland.
~ S.C Lourie

Hari Quoter
Hari Quoter
Hari is the one who removes darkness and illusion, so the name just fits perfectly, to remove darkness and illusions with the quotes. It also rhymed perfectly with Harry Potter 😀 giving rise to our fictional Quote master!

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