A Simple Guide to Explore Your Past Lives

All the records of your past lives are contained within your own mind, just as the records of your ancestors are contained within your DNA. ~ Frederick Lenz

I used to be a hardcore skeptic about past lives, but I had a very shocking experience as a novice hypnotherapist that made me drastically rethink them. I worked with a person who had claustrophobia and wanted to get rid of it. Fear is often very simple to work with in hypnosis, especially with NLP, if the client learned the fear from an easily identifiable experience. 

This person had been shoved into a coffin as a child and believed their claustrophobia developed from that. So, I thought it’d be an easy fix. I put them into a trance state and we began our work.

As we went back into the memory to adjust their feelings about it, a portal opened in their mind and they found themselves in a past life where they had been driving recklessly and crashed, killing the love of their life. They were sitting in my chair, still in trance and sobbing uncontrollably. 

To be completely honest, I froze and freaked out a bit. I had no idea what to do with this person. But as we worked through this emotion, they were able to forgive themselves and apologize to their love. They let this experience go and were able to die in peace in that past life. I didn’t know what to think about the experience. 

So, I brought them out of trance and had a conversation with them. They felt a great weight had been lifted. And to my surprise, their claustrophobia was gone! Somehow, working through this past life memory shifted their current life. It blew my mind and made me less of a skeptic. 

So, I encourage you to take the information here and explore it before making a decision about what you do and don’t believe about past lives. I’ve done past life regressions for clients and friends, but have also personally explored past life hypnosis, meditation, psychic readings, and even a between life hypnosis. All gave me interesting things to think about. 

What are past lives really?

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Joshua Howard
Joshua Howardhttp://180theory.com
Joshua Howard is a hypnotist and NLP coach specializing in mindfulness for stress, fear, and anxiety. Like many things in his life, he discovered hypnosis and NLP by accident and fell in love with them after trying to disprove them. He has a master’s degree in interdisciplinary humanities, focused on philosophy and theory, and a graduate certificate in gender and women’s studies. He believes spiritual enlightenment means to find intellectual, emotional, and physical balance in a world beyond good and evil.
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