You Haven’t Messed Anything Up

You haven’t messed anything up. You haven’t taken the wrong path. You haven’t sabotaged your destiny; you’re living it. All that you’ve endured was, and still is, a part of the master plan. Your impatience is a sign of your spirit drifting away; reel it back in. At times like this, when your soul feels tired, gratitude is the best antidote to turn to. At times like this, when your heart feels lost, faith is how you’ll find your way back.

At times like this, when your mind is going off in different directions, stillness is the only answer to your questions. You’re being prepared for something grand, that’s why your soul has been put through one test after another. Raise your head to the sky and thank the Universe for the blessing that’s coming; your time in the dark is ending. A new chapter filled with light, love, and abundance is about to begin.
~ Esther T

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You Haven’t Messed Anything Up

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