7 Divine Archetypes to Review the Psyche

The archetype is that which erupts from the Collective Unconscious and pokes through the veil to become and transform action and intentions in this world. It can be seen as the many facets of the same divine source, that which changes and morphs, but through which meaning can become concrete and recognised as divine truth.

Like moments of leadership, I have included mainly those which are divine/and/or spiritual, rather than psychological in how they relate to the human or hero’s journey. I have included just one shadow archetype, for those who love the dark side. My main interest as far as archetypes go, is how they manifest themselves through being a pinnacle of the Collective Unconsciousness, as Carl Jung puts it:

“A group experience takes place on a lower level of consciousness than the experience of an individual. This is due to the fact that, when many people gather together to share one common emotion, the total psyche emerging from the group is below the level of the individual psyche.” ~ Carl Jung, The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious.

So we find archetypes manifest themselves through individuals much better than through groups, although of course we have groups of rebels, and peacemakers for example. 

Here are 7 ‘Divine’ Archetypes to Review the Psyche:

The Divine Mother 

Lets face it, the Divine Mother is the most important facet of the Mother archetype. Modern gurus and saints like Amma and Mother Teresa embody the Divine Mother archetype. 

She is compassionately divine, her rivers of compassion flow through and encompass all of their actions, and they embody the divine feminine to limitless heights. She is able to melt karma with her word, and burn through ego with her gaze. Being in her presence will speed up your awakening, and she may only incarnate in a (normal) mother momentarily; from time to time, when the child in her care needs healing. 

Of course, she extends her healing mothering abilities to all; the sick and needy, those who are merely questioning, those who are doubting, those who are in deep suffering, and those who are in mortal peril. All of those who cross her path deserve her healing abilities, and her touch has qualities of the divine.

The Divine Child is attracted to her, and she famously mothers him or her, as Mother Mary did to Jesus. During meditation you can connect to the Divine Mother; the lotus can be a way to find that vibration, she is in the blossoming moments of meditation and the awakening of the divine self, she can be found in the rivers and streams, the leaves and branches, the mountains, the blossom flowers, the grasses and grains.

As far as crystals are concerned, she is the rose quartz, and you can download this energy from the heavens. That colour in the spectrum is the Divine Mother herself, and she welcomes you with a loving smile. She is inherent in loving kindness, in the womb and earth.

A ritual to connect with the divine mother 

On your altar compile a rose quartz, clear quartz, lavender, goddess imagery/statues, prayer beads, flower petals, womb representations and circle imagery. Burn some incense, and visualize journeying to the centre of the earth. What message does the earth have for you? Travel to the jungle or the mountains, find a place on the earth which calls to you and say a prayer for her.

Visualize journeying up to the clouds, and connect to the pale pink light. See the Divine Mother waiting for you there, does she have a message for you? Bow to her and receive. Remember to offer her something from your altar and she will give you her blessings.

The Divine Child  

The Divine Child moves mountains and takes all the knowing and learning and realising from past lives, and becomes a new incarnation. We can be Divine children from incarnation to incarnation, and when a divine child is ready, they are born into the lifetime where they will achieve Nirvana, or become enlightened.

Divine children are often crystal or rainbow children, and many have special powers. Bending spoons, transforming water, and telekinesis are just a selection of the powers just a few possess.

The Rebel

Rebels, like visionaries, wish to find a better version of the world. They rebel against anything, and can often be the first stage of the Divine Child. Better known as Activists, they find a peaceful and polite way of communicating with those who use force to reinforce their ideals, and become active in negotiating with them in order to make changes in the world.

Some famous examples of being an activist are such things as refusing to do something like not be educated or eat or drink (not advisable, do not do at home), to extremism, which I won’t write about here!

Rebels are quite often violent, but they don’t have to be, and should instead maintain peace and balance at all times. The cleverest of rebels are polite, perform peaceful protests, and seek to comply to a certain degree to more fully step into the world of peace-making and becoming a visionary. 

Carl Jung - What are the Archetypes?

The Holy Witness

The Holy Witness is an incredible part of one’s healing journey and embodies the need to have a witness at critical passages in your life. Like the saint or the knight, the Holy Witness can be like a guru as a witness to another’s spiritual journey. But being a holy Witness does not have to be lofty and saintly. it can be commonplace.

Being the witness to another’s life includes family and friends. Those contracts we have set up with others before this incarnation, which of course is Holy, because we are witnessing divine events or urges of the soul; God at work as he/she/it flows through every action and decision.

We witness each other’s deepest suffering, and so we will be each other’s richest companions. To be a witness to someone’s life journey can be most beautiful in the mother, the spouse, the father, the friends, or the child. 

“Jung speaks of God continually incarnating through the Holy Ghost in the world of time and space, in the conflict and coming together in all.” ~ Larry Gates

Being a Holy Witness to another is a sacred journey. In the case of the spouse, this divine union can be tumultuous, or it can be blissful. It can be both. I bow to you, can be a good prayer to help the divine flow of marriage, and the twists and turns of a life together, a divine force.

Mother and father relationships to the child are also divine flow, in being a Holy Witness to a child growing and learning, or even the child as a Holy Witness to the parent learning how to love unconditionally, and getting it wrong or right is an honour. The friend or the mentor are divine witnesses also, a person to laugh and cry together. The holy witness can also be Christian in meaning, and something ethereal.

A prayer for a holy witness

Thank you for your presence in my life. Thank you for being you, and for bearing witness to my experiences. Thank you for being here with me on this journey. You are my Holy Witness.

The Shapeshifter

“In Jungian psychology the Shapeshifter archetype refers to the animas and the anima. The animas refers to the male element of the female unconscious, and the anima the female element of the male unconscious.” ~ Amanda Read

The only shadow archetype I have included here, Shapeshifter archetypes symbolise the shifting of ambitions or desires, which are inherent in all of us. The facets of all the archetypes, arise from the collective (un)consciousness, and the shapeshifter represents those who have conflicting facets.

They may be associated with narcissism, although I prefer to see narcissism as the wounded child crying out in pain. Shapeshifters have two or more personas, which symbolise the shifting of desires on the divine journey. They may be a rebel, but also very sociable.

They may harbour secrets and border on sociopathy. They may be vain, like the vampire, or sociable like the werewolf. They can also be associated with the jester, masters of verbal irony and sarcasm, they might embody spontaneity and a zest for life. More psychological in the approach to the shapeshifter, it can represent secrets and the shadow self on the spectrum of the divine journey. They can represent uncertainty, when we are more connected to the below than the above and the path is unclear. When we are lost, and we don’t know where to turn. 

The Shapeshifter also connects us to the animal part of us. A deep connection to the earth, the darker part, where snouts and hooves are rife, and the hair of the beast is where animal magic teaches us something, like portents, or messages from the early world.     

The Visionary

The Visionary sees ahead of the current world and transforms current problems into solutions. They can see a solution to all current world problems, using both the past, and the future, or alternate worlds to solve those problems.

They are multidimensional, and can see into several worlds at once. Aligning with those alternate worlds, they use what is going on in them, including those worlds which are heavens, and find solutions or simply become prophets to and for this world.

Visionary archetypes come through politicians, diplomats and ambassadors. If an archetype is a pinnacle, or a facet of the collective conscious, it comes through at the right time, and is carefully selected – no, chaotically pushed up – through the veil of the collective conscious and into our inner knowing.

On public platforms, through environmental activism, the politician becomes the visionary, and speaks to the masses. Those who speak stir up the rebellious nature of the crowd to then implement those changes needed to realise the vision through peace treaties and reforming bills.  

The Peacemaker

Peacemakers are committed to finding a way from conflict to resolution. They use various methods to do this including non-violent communication. This includes honouring observations, feelings, needs and requests.

Peacemakers are known throughout history as having ended wars and moments of extreme conflict. The United Nations is full of peacemakers; its purpose is to maintain peace and security. From a divine journey perspective, the peacemaker is wise and intelligent. They use negotiation in a peaceful and productive way to make progress.

The Prophet

The Prophet archetype is a messenger of the divine, who speaks of events or occurrences which will happen or have happened, and interpret them into pure love. The Prophet is often a surprise to the masses, and they speak of ways to live in the present moment, or how to love one another better.

They can also be activists and rebels, peacemakers and visionaries. They can also be used as warnings, causing alarm bells to go off in the masses if they’re not listened to. They can be the Cassandra’s of this world, and speak of war, environmental fears, and imminent disasters.

Whatever archetype you most relate to, You may just be inspired by the list I compiled, or you may know someone who fits one or more of these descriptions. Whatever you’ve discovered, I think you can agree they speak to The Whole.

And they really do speak to The Whole/the Collective Unconscious, those ripples of inner knowing which speak to the connection between us, and those moments where the archetype comes through us and speaks to our hearts and souls.    


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Lauren Simpson-Green, who has had quite a few life-affirming spiritual experiences already, now passes her days trying to master one of the most challenging and rewarding spiritual experiences of all; being a mother to two children. Based in Devon, UK, she spends the rest of her time working on a children's book, practising yoga and making wool fairies and gnomes for her daughter's school fayres.
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