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Nature’s Patterns from an Aerial View

Ice stream feeding an ice shelf The vivid patterns, textures, fractals on earth’s surface become more apparent through aerial photography.

Showcasing such unexplored natural phenomenona through his work is Bernhard Edmaier, a German photographer, geologist and author of many books.

Bernhard has traveled around the world from Alaska to the Bahamas and Iceland, and from continental Europe to North America and New Zealand, capturing the real landscape of Mother Nature.

He travels along with his partner Angelika Jung-Hüttl, also a geologist, to inaccessible places, where there is no human presence, so thorough research and planning is needed to produce immaculate photographs.

Let’s see some of his photographs. This is from his early work called ‘Volcanoes’. His photographs are taken without colour filters and are shown as it is without any manipulation. Bernhard Edmaier volcano photographThis the extinct volcanic cone of Mælifell, near the glacier Myrdalsjökull in south Iceland. You can the glacial water flwoing around the base of this cone. Extinct volcanic cone IcelandThese are some rocking photographs. The natural patterns formed with the wind, so the edges of these yellow-brown sand mounds in the Namib Desert in Namibia are sharpened daily. Edges of sand dunes Namibia Algae and vegetation, which is seasonal, in the basin at Kakadu National Park in Australia. During the monsoon season, beginning in November, it contains water. After May, it dries up completely and cracks start to appear in the ground. Bernhard Edmaier algae and vegetation Australia Some of the smaller islands of the Bahamas, such as Conception Island are surrounded by reefs. They stabilize the edges of the islands and protect them from the surging waves.
Bernhard_Edmaier photographs reef in Bahamas

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