Healing Beats

Music has been a healing tool for eons, I’m positive that all of us use music in our everyday lives. Here at Fractal Enlightenment, we’re curating music for you that will help you get through this day!

All members get complete access to the music here and can choose between meditational music, music to help you de-stress and relax, music while you’re doing yoga, healing music, binaural beats, the beautiful sounds of nature and even music to induce deep sleep.

  • Title: Musical Meditations

    Description: Meditative Music that you can use to assist you in your ineer journey!.

  • Title: Deep Sleep Music

    Description: Music to help you slow down into a Deep Sleep!.

  • Title: Relaxed Music

    Description: Relaxing music that helps you get through your day in a calm way!.

  • Working on the Intense

  • Vibrating Resonance

  • Time for a Peaceful Meditation

  • Soothing Away

  • Slow Down Your Thoughts

  • Meditative Soundscape with Chimes

  • Going Within

  • Go Deeper in Zen

  • Get your Om On

  • Floating in the Cosmos

  • Finding Stillness

  • Chaos for Your Chaos

  • Calming Meditation

  • An Atmospheric Meditation

  • Keep Calm and Meditate

  • A Relaxing Ambient Meditation

  • Align with Your True Self

  • A Peaceful Meditation Song

  • Meditating with the Birds

  • A Calm Relaxing Meditation

  • A Deep Sleep

  • A Meditation for Sleep

  • Ambient Sleep Music

  • Calming Sounds to Induce Sleep

  • Deep Sleep Meditation

  • Get Some Sleep

  • Inducing a Relaxing Sleep

  • It's Deep Sleep Time

  • Music for Deep Sleep

  • Relaxed Deep Sleep

  • Relaxing Sleep

  • Sleep & Meditate

  • Shanti Time Sounds

  • Relaxing Piano

  • Atmospheric Relaxed Reading (Member Exclusive ~ Please Log In)

  • Centering Calm (Member Exclusive ~ Please Log In)

  • Peaceful Soundscapes (Member Exclusive ~ Please Log In)

  • Relaxing Soundscapes (Member Exclusive ~ Please Log In)

  • Soothing Sounds (Member Exclusive ~ Please Log In)

  • Time to Unwind (Member Exclusive ~ Please Log In)