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Our paths have crossed for a reason – may be you are looking for answers to your existential crisis or to gain a different perspective on this thing called ‘life’ or perhaps find ways to tune in to higher realms of reality or whatever the reason may be, we are happy to have you in this sacred space.

Our evolution started in 2006 and over a decade this site reflects our inner journey. Together along with our writers we have become one of the most sought to places for inner revolution content.

Who we are?

We’re  Bhavika and Clyde, the founders of Fractal Enlightenment . We started this journey in 2005 and 12 years later we’re still striving to churn out unique content that can help you on your journey. Except we have two beautiful souls who are teaching us much, our two children (6 years and 11 months) who have been entrusted in our care 🙂

Our team of writers Gary, Lauren, Sarah, Jules, Raghav and Nikki have played a huge role in creating this space where each one of you is sure to find something to take home, ponder on and evolve.

Unfortunately, it all comes at a cost and it has been getting difficult to make ends meet.


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We work really hard (more than 12 hours a day) to keep this site afloat while balancing time for our two young children. We’re paying a mortgage/loan to get a roof over our heads and set up a small little office so we can get some distraction free work space. Honestly, we would love to pay our writers more and get more content but it just isn’t working out for us financially. We have reached a point where we really need your support to keep our mission alive.

Both of us play multiple roles at Fractal Enlightenment ~

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  • When we manage to be unstressed and in the flow, we also write
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We do all this while we take care of our two kids while trying to be the best parents we can, it hasn’t been easy and with your support we will hopefully get a stream of steady income. We have often burned the midnight oil and sometimes stayed up till dawn working on Fractal Enlightenment, we would really like to get paid for what we do.

We understand that not all of us may be fortunate to have enough money to spend, you can still support us by sharing the work we do on social media, subscribe to our newsletter and send it out to your close friends, consider writing for us or create any kind of content we can use.

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