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Our journey began in 2006, it's been over a decade and Fractal Enlightenment is still the place where we log our soul learnings.
We have over a thousand unique articles that stem from our chaos that will help you on your path.
No matter how you ended up in our sacred space. Thank you for being here, and we do hope you find your moments worth.

About Us

Bhavika and Clyde, the founders of Fractal Enlightenment and over a decade later with over a 1.5 million fans on social media we still strive to churn out unique content that can help you on your journey.

Today we have two beautiful souls who are teaching us much, our two children who have been entrusted in our care

We do the best we can to balance family and share our learnings and growing with you! Our path has been riddled with ups and downs, but we’re the kind of people who tend to push people up even when we’re down.

We do hope you enjoy your stay here!

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About Fractal Enlightenment

Well what started off as a tiny blog that revolved around our lives and journeys turned into something that we never really expected! With over a million fans on social media, Fractal Enlightenment has touched and continues to touch hearts and minds of people all around the world.

Today we have so much more to offer...

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