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We’re  Bhavika and Clyde, the founders of Fractal Enlightenment . We started this journey in 2005 and 12 years later we’re still striving to churn out unique content that can help you on your journey.

But today we have two beautiful souls who are teaching us much, our two children who have been entrusted in our care 🙂 This leaves us with a little less time and kind of takes a toll on our finances.

Our team of writers Gary, Garima, Sonali, Lauren, Jules, Raghav and Nikki have played a huge role in creating this space where every reader is sure to find something to take home, ponder on and evolve.

Unfortunately, there are costs associated with doing our work, writer expenses, server costs, domain and cdn costs, newsletter cost and many more. We do have ads, but we fall short and we could really use a helping hand.

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