6 Simple Yet Powerful Ways to Inspire Yourself

“When you are living the best version of yourself, you inspire others to live the best version of themselves.” ~ Steve Maraboli

The day-to-day activities that we partake in can become dreadfully mundane sometimes. We go to the same place or places day in and day out, we interact with the same people at work and at home. Our routine becomes painful.

inspireIn order to reinject inspiration into your daily life, we must find ways to inspire ourselves. And since we may not always have the means to go on an amazing vacation, or the power to manifest our soulmate this very instant, or the time to soul search for days on end without having to get up and go to work, we must find ways that we are able to find excitement and inspiration in our lives that are within our abilities.

At the end of the day we can only work with the means and the tools that are available to us in any given moment. When we use what we have in order to manifest our best self, we not only respect ourselves and our decisions, but we help others do the same.

Here are six simple yet powerful ways to get passion and inspiration back into your life –

1) Set an intention

When we give ourselves a “mission statement” of sorts and set that as our highest intention in how we want to live our life, we find that we will subconsciously start acting in complete accordance with our intention.

Think of it like giving yourself a life manual that is only a few sentences. Through our living in alignment of our life’s mission statement we will find that we are starting to be drawn to things and people that match up with our soul’s deepest desire which will consequently inspire us to feel more excited.

2) Choose to see the divinity… in everything

see the divinity-in-othersWhen we start to truly become aware we realize that nothing in life is happening by accident. There are no coincidences or random occurrences, ever. The best teachers and consequently most inspiring situations or people are those that come in the form that we wouldn’t necessarily associate with divinity.

It’s easy to see the divine when we feel good or around people that make us happy, but if we search for the divinity in all things, “good” or “bad”, we start to welcome challenging situations and people because we know that we resonate with divinity in them.

It becomes easier to stay in this place of love. At this point, all of life’s circumstances begin to inspire us to be the best version of ourselves.

3) Learn something new

Even if you don’t have the time to take a class or participate in a group activity, you can always read a book or watch a video about something that you’ve always wanted to learn about. When we let our intuition guide us to the topics that most interest us, we may find that we happen to chance upon information that is meant to further us on our self-awareness journey “coincidentally”, wink wink.

4) Compliment people

So many people we see are starved for mere niceness or affection. Most of the time we are so lost in our own heads that we fail to realize that our words alone have the power to really make someone’s day.

When we give sincere and genuine compliments to people we come across in our day to day activities we can watch how someone’s energy shifts and we single-handedly participate in making the world a better place. The act of kindness inspires us to do more and hopefully inspires that person to pass along the love.

5) Give back

There are so many ways to give back in this world. Give-2We can buy a loved one a gift, just because, or we can choose to volunteer somewhere. It’s no secret that when we give to others with no expectation of something in return we contribute to the happiness and well-being of others and also feel amazing about ourselves at the same time.

It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or time consuming, it can even be just paying for someone else’s meal at a restaurant. When we are kind we are happier, and we feel better about who we are, which inspires us to keep giving.

6) Start a Journal

When we really stop and listen to ourselves and our thoughts we may find that we have some really amazing and powerful insights in our own lives. They come in the form of epiphanies and for a couple minutes, everything makes sense.

But it always seems as if over time we begin to forget these deep insights. However, if we start a journal or even keep one with us at all times, we find that we not only get a chance to process our innermost feelings but we can jot down all those great revelations we get ever so often. By looking at our life on paper we can start to see our transformation and also get a new perspective on ourselves that we may not have been able to see.

We don’t need anything “extravagant” to get inspired by life again. Everything we need to be our best self is available to us at any given moment. It’s up to us to think of ways to think outside the box and use what we have. Soon inspiration becomes a way of life because we are a walking embodiment of the best version of ourselves and at that point we become an inspiration for others.

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