3 Stepping Stones to Get Back in the Groove

Two kids, mortgage, an unsteady income, no savings and yet life is beautiful. It is because, every time I have hit rock bottom, I have come to realize there was something I was supposed to find there. The perspective hasn’t been easy to believe, it’s just the amount of falling that has helped shape this thinking.

Our recent adventures or misadventures with Fractal Enlightenment keeps putting us in a spot, but each time we have found ourselves crawling back out and here to inspire you with our learnings 🙂

Turn on, tune in and keep flowing

Focus your energy on doing, don’t stop no matter what life throws at you at the moment. If its a stone, use it to step on, if its flowers enjoy the smell but don’t get so hooked to the smell that you prick yourself with the thorns. Life flows like a river at some point, you can go with the flow and at times you need to steer yourself to avoid getting crushed by the rocks on your path.

Everything flows, it’s a universal pattern, a beat, a vibration some have experienced it with dance, solitude, meditation, yoga and other altered states of consciousness.

When we tune in, we don’t really turn on a tap; the water’s always flowing, some call it living waters, some call it god, some call it the source. Personally, I just love tuning in and losing myself like a swirling Sufi into this whirling state of bliss. I prefer to call it bliss, not for the lack of words, but it’s easiest to pick from the multitude.

I cannot fathom these concepts or put my finger on it. My mind will not beat itself into submitting to a belief system that defines what this state is. I do not want to confine this state of tuning in, be it to the Akashic records, the noosphere or into the cosmos, to the limitations of my human mind.

This magnificent journey where solutions appear, a energy where the body heals, where one’s consciousness is altered and where our understanding deepens.

Keep your goal in focus

Is this the real life or is this just fantasy? You tell me, have you ever had a moment during meditation when something just clicked, if you don’t meditate, you probably pictured yourself sitting cross-legged on the floor straight back and all that jazz.

But meditating without meditation could even be enjoying a walk or experiencing Zen while doing dishes. Eureka I got it, moments come when you step into your bath tub anything that leads you to a state of awareness.

The key here is to focus, focusing is tough when life is throwing lemons at you. Although this may sound clichéd, make lemonade, its throwing you lemons because you need to take a breather, cut those limes up, squeeze every drop of juice out of it, plant those seeds, drink that juice with your favorite tonic and let that Vitamin C refresh you. But while you do it, stay focused on what you want the outcome to be.

Take small steps to gain speed

You have to get back out there, but more importantly, you also want to get back not just stronger but wiser. I’m going to use this time and experience that life has thrown at me to become a better version of myself, that’s the only way to look at it.

Although this is very tough when you’re down, but find solace in the fact that you’re not over yet, and if you’re not over, you put in all you’ve got and resurface like a ten ton whale breaching the surface of the ocean and actually jumping out of the water.

The truth is it doesn’t just happen when you’re down, it’s chaos you feel pinned down with the amount of stuff you need to get done, to get cleared, the support system has collapsed, the walls that were holding your being seem to be collapsing. Move, the whale doesn’t reach that speed, you have to start slow to get to that speed.

Pick up the tiniest task or issue that has been holding you back, work with it or sleep on it or dance with it, pray about it or meditate, whatever floats your boat. But once you see the light in that situation, start moving towards it, use the tiny tasks as the stepping stone to the goal you have in mind.

Don’t let the big picture scare you, it is scary, especially when you’re a non-conformist or an offgrider who’s trying to get by, but don’t lose focus, complete the jobs you’ve left half way, crawl if you must but keep moving.

A Video on Success, failure and the drive to keep creating ~

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