Amazing Fractals found in Nature


Fractal flowers at Valley of Flowers in Uttaranchal

Fractals have always captivated me, the intricacy of the patterns which can be infinitely complex in nature and simple at the same time. Its like a fragment of an object that is self-similar to the whole, and when you realize that such fractal patterns or better known as, building blocks of God, are all around us, it will leave you amazed – clouds, trees, plants, mountain ranges, various vegetables or shorelines, snow flakes, lightning bolts etc.

Of course there are several fractal generating softwares that can help you create fractals and play around with them, but nothing like spotting patterns in nature. We have compiled a collection of photos taken by us during our trips, that knowingly or unknowingly, represent Fractals.


One of the beautiful creations of nature – flowers – can be fractals as well, and they add another dimension to the whole landscape.

Red multi petaled flower

Red multi petaled flower

Fractal in nature lotus

A beautiful lotus

white fractal flowers

Bunch of flowers each bunch has the same pattern and so does every tiny flower


The repetitive patterns are also found in fruits and vegetables, and are often overlooked.

Fractals in nature - Pineapple fruit

Fractals in Pineapple

jackfruit fractals

Patterns on Jackfruit

Bitter Gourd might not be a popular vegetable, but it certainly is a perfect example of fractals in nature.

bitter gourd fractal design

Bitter Gourd, a fine example of Fractals

Broccoli is another vegetable displaying spiral patterns of fractal that simply looks stunning.


Something as simple as a leaf can have fractals in it, like the one below, a macro shot of the leaf shows the veins forming an irregular, recurrent pattern.

fractal design on a leaf

Fractals on a Leaf

Fractal fern

Fractal Fern

fractal in nature

Wild plant is it a Mandelbrot or Julia?

This one is my favorite, which I came across in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The crown of individual trees (Dryobalanops aromatica or Camphor tree) form a puzzle-like pattern. This phenomena is called the ‘Crown Shyness’ because the tip of the leaves appear to shy away from each other, leaving gaps of few inches.

Crowns of trees forming fractals

Crowns of trees forming Fractals

The branching tree form fractals as well.


Branching pattern of a tree

Fractal Mountains

This is a beautiful example of fractals on the mountain range. Seen during our trip to the Valley of Flowers in Uttaranchal while trekking from Ghangaria to Gobindghat.

Its a lovely picture when you look closely at the rising moon in the background, top left, the moving cloud and fractals to enhance the view.

fractal mountain range

Fractular Mountains you can see three large peaks and then three small ones on the left of the larger ones! Beautiful :)


If you observe the skies regularly, its likely to chance upon something like this. The majestic view of the setting sun with fractal clouds, a picture perfect moment captured in Mumbai.

fractal clouds

Fractals in the sky


Caterpillar chewing on a leaf slowly and steadily, it finished quite a bit in a day.

recurrent design on a caterpillar

Caterpillar on a leaf, each segment is a perfect reproduction, the geometry of the universe!

Thank us with a share, not only does it help us grow, by sharing knowledge you help shift the planets consciousness. Thank you so much:
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Margie says:

I’ve taken some photographs of Dill, and the more I look at them, the more they seem to be fractals!

barbra Bleecker says:

i found this site just before my meditation period needless to say my meditation was enhanced by gazing at the beautiful lotus……..

seema sinha says:

Thanks for these pics.My personal favourite is 5th one from top.You are right that no software can match nature.

Aliston C T says:

they are also found in time cycles…i.e the first evolutionary cycle takes the longest time and the successive evolutionary cycles…take shorter ands shorter and follow a fractal pattern….the final cycle will hence be the shortest before the entire pattern repeats it self…that is why there are three types of time according to oriental phil..linear time, cyclical time and no time..