Before the Birth of a Butterfly…

Living in the midst of nature gives the opportunity to experience its divine beauty in various forms, and photography is the ideal way to capture that beauty.

Today’s subject of awe are caterpillars, who undergo dramatic transformation from being tiny insects into beautiful butterflies or moths. We’ve found different types of caterpillars – one completely camouflaged with the plant, and another one stung Clyde while he was passing by a mango tree and accidentally touched it. Here’s a short collection of caterpillar pictures. 

Parasa Lepida stinging caterpillar india
Parasa Lepida, the stinging caterpillar

Caterpillars are voracious eaters
Caterpillars are voracious eaters

Feeding on Oleander leaves is the Common Indian Crow, as the name suggests, there are plenty of them around. The spiral tentacles of the caterpillar is very fractal-like designand the vivid colours makes it look attractive. Throughout its life the caterpillar stays on the underside of the leaves.

Common Indian Crow caterpillar or Euploea core
Common Indian Crow caterpillar with spiral tentacles

Caterpillar with black, white and yellow bands making its way up on a wild plant.

Caterpillar with yellow and black band
Caterpillar with yellow and black bands

The flora and fauna of Uttaranchal in North India is extremely vibrant and breath-taking, here’s a small part of the rich ecosystem on the way to Valley of Flowers.

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Caterpillar found in the Valley of flowers
Caterpillar found in the Valley of flowers

Some more of the fuzzy black caterpillars.

Hairy caterpillar on a coconut
Hairy caterpillar on a coconut

This one camouflaged with the tree bark.

Hairy caterpillar camouflaged with the tree bark at National park
Hairy caterpillar camoflauged with the tree bark at National park

Most caterpillars shed their skin four or five times as their bodies grow, and they eventually transform into an adult. Here the caterpillar, hanging upside down, emerging from his cocoon.

Caterpillars moulting or shedding its outer skin
Caterpillars moulting or shedding its outer skin

They are often called ‘eating machines”, as they eat leaves most of the time which is used when they go in hibernation to develop into a fully grown butterfly. Here an army of caterpillars feeding on the leaves, many of them stick to the same kind of plant.

Caterpillars in Manali
The voracious eaters

Green caterpillar with red, black and white spots on the car bonnet.

green caterpillar on the car
Green caterpillar

Like an old proverb – ‘Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly,’ in the next series we shall bring you the fluttering butterflies that have caught our eye.

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Bhavika is a nature-lover, aspiring yogini, traveler and co-founder of Fractal Enlightenment, who strives to help fellow beings reconnect with nature and their true selves. Thank you for being part of this journey.


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