Serotonin Facilitates Deep States of Spirituality

Serotonin Molecule Serotonin a chemical present in your brain, that can be released through high states of meditation or through the use of psychedelic drugs, has been proved to make you susceptible to spiritual experiences.

A team of Swedish researchers had found that the presence of a receptor that regulates general serotonin activity in the brain correlates with people’s capacity for transcendence, the ability to apprehend phenomena that cannot be explained objectively.

Because of the mystical experiences users of psychedelic drugs like LSD have had scientists have long suspected that serotonin influences spirituality. Although now they have proof from brain scans linking the capacity for spirituality with a major biological element.

Serotonin NeuronReporting in the American Journal of Psychiatry, the researchers see the evidence as contradicting the common belief that religious behavior is determined strictly by environmental and cultural factors. What it means is those with a higher concentration of serotonin receptors will therefore most likely show a stronger inclination towards experiences where they see God or they experience higher connections with themselves and the universe.

Those whose brain scans showed the most receptor activity proved on personality tests to have the strongest proclivity to spiritual acceptance. Apart from the elevate consciousness experiences, Serotonin is in charge of moderating mood, metabolism, and sexuality.

You may be interested in the Mouse Party to see how drugs like LSD work on the human brain in a nice flash application.

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Esten says:

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KSB says:

I have to agree with you. A while ago I was given SSRI’s from a doctor to treat anxiety and depression, the first day it made me a whole lot worse, anxiety levels were elevated to the extreme, passed out a few times, panicked and didn’t sleep well for days. Scared the life out of me, was not a good or a spiritual experience. Weeks later (since I was so against taking anything for a long time), he finally convinced me to take another older drug that increased dopamine instead. That had the opposite effect and calmed me within days. So please people don’t go taking these things just ’cause of some study. Doesn’t always work that way and everyone’s chemical makeup is unique.