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Benoit Mandelbrot on using Fractals to find Order in Chaos

We chanced upon this amazing talk by the Poland-born French-American mathematician known as the ‘father of fractal geometry’, where he spoke about how he discovered fractals, and how scientists, architects and artists have unconsciously applied fractular geometry to their work. This was one of his last few talks before he left us.

What’s even more interesting is not only do these geometric patterns apply to nature but fractal geometry can also be used to predict the way the stock market moves. Something that perhaps nobody else can lay claim is the appearance of a crop circle in the form of the Mandelbrot in Cambridge UK, spotted a few days after a talk given by the man himself in the vicinity in 1990.

Mandelbrot crop circle
Mandelbrot crop circle spotted in Cambridge, UK, in 1990

That’s pretty intriguing, this twenty minute talk goes deep into the extreme complexity of roughness, and the way that fractal math can find order within patterns that seem unthinkably complicated.

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Monica Paez

increíble la cantidad de cosas que Ignoramos ,qué injusto…!

Kate Scott

this insight and understanding of the nature of things is outstandingly important…

Thea Verkerk

Mandelbrot was a true genius. But as so many geniusses he was not reckognised very much by the other scientists. I love making fractals , all based upon his wonderful work, well ….by the laws of nature that he discovered. I think it is amazing that there is a crop circle with the mandelbrot set. There are other crop circles too that are based upon the mandelbrot set fractals. I became a member here because it is called “fractal enlightment” but though I like what you post a lot I found it a pity that you did not post much… Read more »

Monica Paez

Amazing…..Benoit…….Thank you……

Rachel Slocum Bibbs

One of the blessings of social media is finding other souls that are searching for connection spiritually .thank you I find this fascinating.

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