Kundalini Rising, Part 5: The Throat Chakra

Known as the purification center, the Vishuddha chakra gives voice to our spirit.

“Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” ~ Rumi

As Kundalini energy rises up through the chakras it becomes more ethereal and dynamic. The more we meditate on in this kind of energy the more we gain spiritual confidence. Our ego-centric Will is fast transforming into soul-centric expression. This article will discuss the expressive significance of the fifth chakra: Vishuddha, the throat chakra.

The Door of Life has been opened. The Vital Breath has been circulated. We have now moved up into the higher chakras. The throat chakra is the first of these, associated with the faculty of higher discrimination, creativity, and self-expression.

Known as the purification center, the Vishuddha chakra gives voice to our spirit. Also known as the “poison and nectar” center, it is said that amrita, or “nectar of the gods,” is secreted from this chakra when activated. Once amrita is tasted, our voice reflects the condition of our mind.

Here, our highest expressions become manifest. We are now free to “say what we mean and mean what we say.” We have discovered how God’s Tongue is our own.

sadashiva-deity-throat-chakraThe Vishuddha chakra is symbolized by a sky-blue lotus with sixteen petals. It is located at the back of the neck, while its central activation point is in the throat. In the center of the lotus is a downward-facing triangle with a circle inside it, representing the element of ether.

It is associated with the sense of hearing and the planet Mercury, and is often associated with the thyroid gland in the human endocrine system.

With the purification of the Vishuddha chakra, Deep Listening becomes another essential skill. By listening with conscious intent, deep knowing arises; through deep knowing, a deeper being results.

The deity associated with this region is Sadashiva, a five-headed, ten-armed god/goddess usually clad in a tiger skin. Sadashiva personifies the balance of yin and yang. This region is also represented by the deity Ambara, who is usually seated upon a white elephant.

The challenge of the Vishudda is to learn how to express ourselves in the most truthful manner. When this chakra is clear we gain the ability to allow the Divine Breath to activate our vocal organs. Our speech becomes uplifting and wise and we can communicate clearly our intent. We are able to transform negative experiences into wisdom. We make manifest the old African proverb, “Through mistakes one becomes wise.”

When this chakra is closed or blocked we experience poor communication and laryngitis on the physical level, codependency on the emotional level, unclear thoughts on the mental level, and insecurity on the spiritual level. We often speak without thinking and have trouble expressing ourselves in an authentic way, and we may have issues with tact and timing.

BKS Iyengar doing sarvangasanaThroat Chakra meditation:

While assuming a meditative pose that purifies the Vishudda (i.e., salamba sarvangasana, jalandhara bandha or khecarī mudrā), focus your prana on the throat region. Breathe in the Vital Breath. Visualize a bright sun rising up into your throat from your Solar Plexus.

Imagine it washing over your vocal chords and emboldening divine expression. Further imagine it untangling any “knots in the throat.” Chanting mantra is especially important while meditating on this chakra, as it has the potential to transform Avidya (that which is ignorant, delusional, and unwise within) into Vidya (that which is knowledgeable, coherent, and wise within). Allow yourself to project your sacred utterance and numinous voice into the mighty ether of the cosmos.

With the opening of the Throat Chakra, Kundalini energy has now moved into the Cosmic Eye. The end of duality is upon us. Our ego-centric power is transforming into soul-centric authority. Our ability for spiritual transformation is becoming manifest.

The spark that struck the kindling of our heart chakra became the fire that now emanates the white-hot heat of our soul rising up through the throat chakra and up to the next level, to the sixth chakra: the Ajna Chakra, the mighty Third-eye. What we see will change us forever.

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BKS Iyengar doing sarvangasana

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