The Phenomenon known as ‘The Oneness Blessing’

A lotus symbolises purity and oneness
A Zen verse says, “May we exist in muddy water with purity, like a lotus.”

“The Oneness Blessing has deepened the connection with the eternal that thrives within. It has opened doors and bulldozed through obstacles that create the illusion of separation. Awakening and God Realization are not states to be “gained” or “reached”, they exist within each being, and the Oneness Blessing organically lifts the veil of separation for each individual in its own unique way. It’s more than a benediction, it’s a gift straight from the divine which patiently waits for each humans self-realization.” – Ursula Tizon, Oneness Blessing Giver

It can be described as nothing short of a phenomenon for those who have experienced it, so it’s no wonder that this movement has reached all over the globe. People from all different cultures, religious backgrounds, ethnicities and personal backgrounds are forming oneness groups and communities across the world. The Oneness Blessing (also known as “deeksha”) and the whole oneness movement transcends all labels, however, the founders of Oneness, Sri Bhagavan and his wife Sri Amma, are very adamant about it not becoming a “religion” of any sort.

oneness blessing

There is no one to be “worshiped” and a blessing giver is not allowed to charge money to give the blessing. The blessing itself involves a transfer of energy. The person giving the blessing (blessing giver) is acting as a conduit for the transfer of divine energy either in the recipients crown chakra, through the eyes, or it can even be sent with intent, which means the recipient does not have to be physically there in order to receive the blessing and it can be given to large groups of people at the same time.

If 100 people in the room are receiving the blessing, it will be felt in 100 different ways. Some people don’t have a noticeable reaction at first, only to feel a sudden rush of energy later. Others may experience crying, uncontrollable laughing or experience old feelings that had been buried. There is no “wrong” way or “right” way to experience it. Since the blessing is coming from the divine it has a mind of its own, knowing exactly what part of a person’s programming it needs to be tended to.

The blessing causes a neurobiological shift in the brain which allows for major shifts in perception about the world. There are many ways the blessing has been known to change a person’s life, which include but are not limited to: curing illness, healing relationships, aiding in a spiritual awakening, quieting of mind chatter, higher states of consciousness that exist beyond judgments, inner peace, and dissolving of the false “self” (ego). Because of the wonderful results many have experienced, it is no wonder that many holistic doctors and psychologists alike have started to use the blessing in their practices.

In the book Awakening Into Oneness, naturopathic doctor, Dr. Craig Wagstaff gives a first-hand account of giving the blessing to his patients, “When I give the Oneness Blessing, patients respond better to whatever else I am doing. If I am giving them supplements or a cleanse, doing acupuncture or whatever, if I give the blessing at the same time, the results are much better. The Blessing accelerates the body’s ability to heal itself. Many patients have an imbalance between the hormones that are responsible for the ‘get up and go’ and those that are responsible for shutting down and relaxing, digesting their food, having a good rest.
Oneness Blessing Givers

Most of these people are wound a few notches too tight; their adrenal system is affecting their blood pressure, causing anxiety and insomnia. As to switch from alarm mode to a more balanced relaxed function. An unhealthy person is like an ill-tuned piano. The Oneness Blessing is working on a very high level to get the whole system in tune. The more in tune the body gets, the healthier it becomes.”

I myself experienced the blessing about 2-3 years ago. Like most people who have discovered it I will say that I didn’t find the blessing, it found me. I can only describe it as divine intervention that I came across a book about the Oneness movement at a friend’s house. At the time I was using drugs, smoking cigarettes, in and out of legal problems, and searching for answers in my life. After reading the book, I decided to check if there were any blessing givers in my area.

Much to my surprise I found several groups ( where I could get the blessing. I attended 3-4 groups and didn’t really feel much at first, but intuitively just kept going back. Then one day, I was sitting at home, reading, when I felt a rush of energy surge through my body. My mind was suddenly silent, like the little voice that is constantly commentating on everything in my head just shut off. I experienced true silence and stillness for the first time. After that day my addiction to drugs just left me. It was like surgery had been done on my brain or the programming that was installed in my brains computer had fixed itself. I never had the overwhelming urge to go and use drugs ever again.

Oneness university in India

Within about a year & half to two years of getting the Blessing my addiction to cigarettes went away as well. One day I was smoking, and the next day I had just quit, no cravings, no patches, or nicotine gums etc…The only way I can explain it is that my level of consciousness rose to such a level that things like drugs and cigarettes no longer resonated with my new vibration, therefore no willpower was involved. They just didn’t sound good to me anymore, and just like that, the urge to do either was completely gone.

Besides the outward physical effects, I will say I am a much calmer, peaceful person. I didn’t realize how much fear had a grip on me until it started to go away. I now find it easier to stay present, and not get “worked up” or stressed about life. It’s not that I am “healed” and life is perfect, but more that I see life in a different way. I am not as caught up in every single thought that passes through my brain, and am more able to go with the flow of events instead of trying to force things.

The most refreshing thing about the Oneness Blessing and the whole movement is they don’t claim to be “the” way, but rather “a” way that a person can experience the divine in their life. They don’t propose that one “should” do this and “shouldn’t” do that, but rather that when a person is rooted in their awareness they will only observe their thoughts and feelings without judging them, which will consequently make the feelings dissipate on their own. My personal experience with the blessing is that it has completely changed my life, and brought me to a state of being that I never knew existed previously, and for that I am forever grateful.

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