Embracing Vulnerability to Evolve

Human beings are inherently vulnerable. However, in changing times being vulnerable is often seen as a sign of weakness. You choose to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself because above everything else, you don’t want to come across as a weak individual.

being-vulnerablePutting yourself out there involves a risk of getting criticized, misunderstood, labeled or fear of rejection and failing. But if you step back and observe your own life, you will realise that nothing is more disheartening than not having the courage to show up and let your authentic self be seen.

It’s about being honest with how you feel, about your fears, your strengths and weaknesses. But most of us are not comfortable with that kind of vulnerability. The moment you feel disappointment, sadness, fear or powerlessness, you instantly try to change the situation by distracting yourself and avoid facing the situation. Little do you know that deep down in those unpleasant feelings is where true happiness lies.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability, and authenticity. If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives, vulnerability is the path.” ~ Brene Brown


b6718cd927b7946a1d7a2e5dcd4a96feIf you look around in nature, you see life in its purest form – sunrise, sunset, flowing streams, trees, birds, clouds, mountains, sea, etc. Does that make any of it less beautiful or weak?

It appears even more serene and tranquil because its existence is pure and simple. You were born simple but the never-ending conditioning puts a massive roadblock and you drift away from being simple and beautiful.

Each time you escape from being vulnerable, you let go of an opportunity to learn more about yourself and others at the same time. If you cultivate fear of feeling pain and suffering, you also lose our ability to feel joy and happiness.

Allow yourself to feel vulnerable

1) It will help you in expanding your mind and heart

It is true that embracing this feeling of vulnerability can cause pain, anxiety, fear, anger, and all sorts of confusing emotions but in the end it will help in expanding your mind and stretching your comfort zones.

Once you know how to deal with your own complex painful emotions, you become more aware of your true self and emerge more happier and calmer. Like when you first drive through a new road, everything feels different and strange. But regular drives through that same road, teaches you everything about it from the rough potholes to the smooth parts.

“What happens when people open their hearts?”…
“They get better.” ~ Murakami

2) It will teach you compassion

Compassion means full immersion in the condition of being human.” ~ Henri J.M Nouwen

Whenever you feel vulnerable, you seek support of fellow beings around you. You understand the worth of connectedness, open-heartedness and compassion. Compassion is the universal language of every living being. The depth of our compassion is directly proportional to our ability to feel hurt and rejection. So you can’t practice compassion with other people if you can’t treat yourself kindly.

3) Being yourself

A lot goes in hiding your true self and feeling. You are constantly judging your emotions, words and actions. At times, you even find yourself stuck in a loop with no direction. Instead of hiding behind a mask, you say whatever you want to say and do whatever you want to do, you will be more in sync with your life and your authentic self. Life won’t feel like a daily monotonous task but a gift of transparent happiness.

4) You will learn and grow

Our vulnerable self teaches us the most. Without vulnerability, there is no scope of art and creativity. All the painters, writers, poets and people on their creative journey, allow themselves to feel vulnerable and are open to life from all directions. So, allow yourself to undergo vulnerability to emerge like a shining sun through the clouds.

5) A deeper sense of purpose

vulnerability-is-our-most-accurate-measurement-of-courageWhen you express your true self, you experience true connection and you begin to attract people who are inspired by your openness. When you choose to ignore or conceal your true self, you start looking for happiness in material things and illusions when the most infinite source of joy lies within you. Feel vulnerable to find a deeper sense of purpose in life.

I have met people who tell me that they hide their true nature and are forced to be pretentious because others take advantage of their vulnerable self. They will try to make you feel as if you are unusual or mentally/emotionally unstable. But that is their perception.

Artificial flowers look pretty but they don’t feel or smell as beautiful as the real ones. Embrace vulnerability, it is the birthplace of joy, creativity, and love.

“Vulnerability is the only authentic state. Being vulnerable means being open, for wounding, but also for pleasure. Being open to the wounds of life means also being open to the bounty and beauty. Don’t mask or deny your vulnerability: it is your greatest asset. Be vulnerable: quake and shake in your boots with it. The new goodness that is coming to you, in the form of people, situations, and things can only come to you when you are vulnerable, that is open.” ~ Stephen Russell

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Garima Roy
Garima Roy
Garima Roy, as a sentient being, loves to explore the world with her mind, heart, and soul. Joy is her natural state. You can get in touch with her on:


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