Connecting Sacred Geometry and Spirituality with Daniel Kage

10014542_10151937141390947_680597778064125785_n “There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.” – Pythagoras

Every single matter in the Universe is based on geometric shapes. From the most minuscule particles, atoms, cells, molecules, to the greater Cosmos, follow geometrical archetypes underlying the principle of oneness.

Daniel C. Kage, a master geometer and sculptor based in Vienna, Austria, explores Nature’s randomness and elaborates hidden patterns through his incredible 3D creations. His ingenious craft to display Mandalas is inspired by Japanese art of Origami and it reflects the connection between nature, the Universe and the spiritual world.

In this interview, Daniel discusses his quest to spread the knowledge of Sacred Geometry through his art. He talks about his inner connectedness with nature and importance of bringing ancient knowledge in modern times.

1) What is the connection between geometrical shapes and spirituality? 

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREThe geometric shapes found in Sacred Geometry reveals us the Secret Codes of the Universe. As I delve deep in this magnificent science through research, it becomes more clear that every single life manifestation on Earth comes from the same source. We are all connected by the Creator. The Sacred Geometric forms are very powerful mandalas that allow us to connect to higher dimensions.

The inspiration of my art is based in all life manifestation, in natural patterns, designs and structures from the most minuscule particles to the whole cosmos. It is dedicated to bringing the power of sacred geometry, the ancient knowledge and the majestic patterned geometric beauty of Creation to our modern world.

Since I have arrived in Vienna, I’ve dedicated myself entirely to this universe, the research on Sacred Geometry and 3D Geometric Mandalas, using different techniques of folding papers.

Dancing Shiva Dome. Dome based in the Dodecahedron. A Fusion of the Element Ether that is symbolising the Universe and the constant movement of Destruction and transformation, seeking the evolution of our spiritual world. The technique applied is called Modular Kirigami. Made of only straight shapes.
Here we have a kusudama 薬玉, medicinal balls in Japanese, where the ancients placed incense and medicinal herbs in them, and often the left in the rooms of people  for their cure. This is the basis of a dodecahedron.

2) Why sacred geometry?

Since childhood, I have been fond of Origami, the Japanese art of folding papers. Therefore, I naturally developed interest in creating 3D forms out of a single sheet of paper. I am passionate about Geometry, Art and Nature.

Shapes are part of me and of everything in the Universe. Nature provides us that, we just have to be connected, look beyond our third eye and feel. These “visions” started in 2002 through many psychedelic experiences. During that time I discovered this other beautiful world which for me is the true and real world. It was like a blessing from the Universe, an awakening to the enlightenment. It was a rebirth!

This takes the form of the famous “donuts”. Called Torus geometry is a surface generated by the rotation of a circle in 3-dimensional space onto the shaft coplanar a circle, forming a kind of ring. This form is a Parang found in nature from atoms to galaxies. Can be observed in a seed, a hurricane or even in the electromagnetic field that surrounds the man and the Earth.

3) Is sacred geometry the doorway to understanding greater aspects of ourselves?

Understanding the Hidden Codes of the geometric shapes is to understand how the Creator built the Universe. As we are all connected, it brings us consciousness, increasing the most important values amongst human beings.

We are surrounded by countless geometric structures and the element air as well is composed of them. So it means that when we breathe, we constantly allow nature to connect us with all the pure and healing shapes. We are breathing shapes through air. This continuous reminder of our relationship with the Universe is the key for the meditation through these sacred geometric shapes, keeping our vibrating energy in the same frequency of the Universe to find our inner peace.


4) How did the idea of creating stainless steel sculptures come about?

In 1996 my father, a metallurgic engineer who was implanting new Japanese technology of stainless steel in Brazil, sent me to Japan to learn the secrets of manufacturing process of sculptures and artifacts in stainless steel with two of the best stainless sculptors in Japan, Master Nagayama from Art Factory Scape in Chiba and Master Maruyama from Maruya Kogyo in Sapporo.

Back in Brazil, I worked in partnership with numerous designers and renowned architects always giving technical solutions and support for their projects, and I started to develop my own pieces as well.

In the year 2000, I built my first sculpture requested by a client who gave me a single piece of round pipe. I created a piece called  “Amazônia”. We were living in the turn of the Millennium, and the only thing that was in my mind was the devastation of the Amazon Forest. So I did this sculpture in protest against man’s destruction. Using different techniques of polishing, the mirror surface of the rings below symbolises the beauty of the tree and the tree trunk is cut, burnt and shattered.


During this time, I studied mechanical engineering for two years and industrial design for one year and a half in the Mackenzie University, São Paulo- Brazil. There I could get deeply into techniques of perspectives and technical drawings. Parallel to my work, in 2002 during many psychedelic experiences, I discovered the beautiful connection between man, nature, spiritual world and the Universe.

I was creating geometric Fire Mandalas for the biggest Fire performance group in Brazil for almost 10 years, and this was also a way to feel the strong connection with my inner soul and cosmos. My urge to spread this beautiful energy became stronger. The path of my life was traced.


5) How has teaching sacred geometry helped you on your path? 

Through my art I try to bring to our modern world the knowledge of the ancients. They knew about everything and somehow we have lost our real connection with ancient knowledge. It is also a way to share the most beautiful experiences I ever had in my life. These built sacred shapes are part of my meditation which acts a healing process for my inner soul. Being a Sacred Geometer is a gift. I feel honored to spread this science every time I share my knowledge.

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