Eternal Happiness of the Active Mind

“There’s nothing more liberating than to realize that I am not the voice in my head. Who am I then? The one who sees that.” ~ Eckhart Tolle.

Each one of us holds our own unique interpretation of reality. This reality need not vary in 3D terms (for many of us) but it does vastly vary in the intricacies of perception with which we view our world.


As a result our lives and personalities are like a collage of the various influencers that we are exposed to during the course of our existence.

Living in times crowded with multiple choices, it becomes rather difficult to maintain a single truth in our minds to act as a center. We thus may find times where we question the lives we built for ourselves.

As happiness and fulfillment are not found in extremes like ‘use and throw’ that offer only thrills, rather in simple pleasures and basic values that allow us to observe and relish the depths of subtlety beyond our gross realities.

The role we each need to establish may only be relevant to ourselves but the core idea remains the same, which is; that aspect has to act as a balanced guide and enable the other parts to play out their roles.

The application of this is rather simple, all you need to do is establish at any given point one area that causes rigidity in any part of your life and call it out. This may be difficult to do normally as we may function in our dealings as whole people, but internally we can be victims to the fixations of very specific aspects of ourselves, through our conditioning.

Take for example a person who has been the object of affection of their birth family and has received lavish pampering throughout their formative years. This person as an adult may find it hard at times to command their rationality as they have thrived on always getting what they wanted.

This kind of pattern may lead to living beyond means and facing unnecessary hardships. This can be easily avoided, by establishing an inner parent that keeps the childish indulgence in check.

The opposite may be applicable in areas that require us to take a leap of faith; this is a situation where the roles would require a shift in dynamics. As the parent aspect of ourselves may get over cautious and sit on the fence of a decision that’s outside our comfort zone.

This is where the inner child needs to get into action to enable us to jump into anything that appeals to us with honesty and joyous wonder.

“Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play”. ~ Heraclitus

The child can also help us let go of things and emotions, as the child doesn’t hold onto anger or unhappiness for long. Through balancing the roles of the child and parent it is possible to achieve a meeting-ground between wisdom and innocence, enabling us to work from the union of our mind and heart.

An effective way to find these hidden characters within is to open a dialogue with ourselves as we identify the areas in our lives that need their guidance. If we were to see our external world as a reflection of the internal work we have done, then the external reality would presumably hide in itself many peepholes into the internal work we each need to take on.

Quite like the voices that play out in our minds are sometimes mirrors of the opinions and characters that show up in our lives. The fact brought out by this is that the people we come in contact with are here to play out a scene in our memory of life. As every person is the only eternal presence in his or her story, the rest is impermanence.
It would benefit to identify a character behind the voice we choose to listen to or cultivate. As when left to chaos it is easy to listen to our extreme.

However it becomes impossible to maintain lasting happiness, while we are allowing extreme reactions to erupt within our minds to situations and life decisions that require a serious and steady approach to hold their vibrations.

Therefore in order to move our consciousness through the mind to a more grounded state, the conflicting voices of our thoughts could be seen as our characters. Allowing us to call upon these characters when needed and command their role dynamics to complement different situations.

Through such simple application of even commonplace role figures within, we can direct the chaos within ourselves and make the mind work with us rather than our conflicting interests.

This way we can ally with the aspects of ourselves we choose consciously, to a more connected space within our spirit that allows us to access our uniqueness and express as the multifaceted beings which we are.

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Raghav Bubna
Raghav Bubna
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