6 Signs You Have Met Someone From Your Past Life

“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.” ~ Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth

There are many signs you’ve met someone from your past life and not all of them feel good!


Once you begin to delve into the complexity of our past lives and how they fit into this one you will find a highly fragile subject that should be approached with an open mind, as well as an open heart.

But however fragile a subject past lives is, if treated with respect and a loving compassion for the identity we currently embody, then the rewards can be startlingly rich.

1) You feel drawn to them for inexplicable reasons.

Perhaps you feel drawn to someone you wouldn’t usually gel with, or attracted to them for no apparent reason. Perhaps they’re a parent or sibling who just won’t get out of your life no matter how irritating or painful the relationship appears to be.

This is most likely past life karma and something as simple as sending them love and forgiveness even when you don’t fully understand the pattern being played out can begin to loosen the knots.

2) They really get under your skin.

As well as being drawn to them, they really hold your attention. Perhaps you find your mind returning to them time and time again. Perhaps you left them behind but you’re still haunted by them. It’s time to sever the energetic connection – again with love and forgiveness – or think of another way to resolve the karma.

Sometimes we are meant to do this from a distance and sometimes face-to-face. Ask yourself which one and, if you do it honestly and with sincerity then you’ll find you are shown a pretty clear answer straight away.

3) They highlight your pattern.

Through undergoing a spiritual awareness in this lifetime, we are able to see our patterns – those that may have been repeating themselves for thousands of years – bubble to the surface.

Through our habits on the smallest, to the largest scale, we repeat these patterns and often the people around us are pointing (quite obviously!) to the most harmful ones. And sometimes, if we were to untie one pattern, the whole web of them comes loose and we are able to free ourselves up and do what we really came here to do.

Rather than blame the other, turn the focus on yourself and study what your reaction to them is trying to teach you.

4) They remind you of another time or place.

Again, the details here are not really important, but the feeling that individual ignites in you. Remember throughout history there have been many wars, disease, hardship, disasters. Our karma usually connects us to a place as well as people.

Perhaps an unlikely group of people you find yourself in the company of experienced a plane crash/earthquake/shipwreck together and have found yourselves back in the same room trying to survive something.

Perhaps a friend, business partner or spouse saps you of energy and constantly draws the attention away from you even though you know you’re destined and talented. That’s karma right there.

Perhaps your intuition is complimented with brief visions and notions. Do you see specifically what they were? An innocent witch hanged, a austere nun, a wise man stroking his beard, a soldier heading out to battle.

Use your imagination, question your intuition when you’re with them and don’t get too attached to anything you come up with! And remember, anything you see in them is a direct sign that you were with them, and that you too have unresolved karma from that lifetime.

5) No matter what ‘role’ they have in your life, they still feed in to the theme (and negative patterns) of and in your life.

OK, so we’re multi-faceted beings, here to experience and taste everything. But sometimes the tapestry of life can give us clues to that pesky unresolved karma in ways we might never have expected it to.

Perhaps you find you’re always in competition with your partners, or you give too much to your friends and cross boundaries. Perhaps you attract highly spiritual souls only to be more acutely aware of the guilt of being human, perhaps you fear the mob, perhaps you are always being rescued only to resent it… how do these people fit in to your tapestry?

The law of attraction would say it’s the story you tell yourself about them, about the whole spectrum of your life. But before we can dissolve and rework it in such a way we need to see the story for what it is. What is your story and how do these key, karmic people that stand out in your mind and trigger either an unquenchable feeling of love or an equally unshakable feeling of fear?

eb99638c9f9e93c7abba862ae82071456) They trigger emotions in you, you didn’t even know you had.

When you’re finding it hard to see the bigger picture and are getting bogged down in those raw emotions, just remember that it won’t last forever. No matter how steeped into our being karma can get it will end.

Trust in the laws of the universe and know that you are loved and are being protected. Existence is exploring itself, it’s just a journey. And, if you find yourself at the most brittle, raw nerve-ending type branches of that exploration, then just ride it out.

Try to stay present and give in to those emotions. Embrace and let go.

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Lauren Simpson-Green, who has had quite a few life-affirming spiritual experiences already, now passes her days trying to master one of the most challenging and rewarding spiritual experiences of all; being a mother to two children. Based in Devon, UK, she spends the rest of her time working on a children's book, practising yoga and making wool fairies and gnomes for her daughter's school fayres.
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