Learning to Break Free from Unwanted Psychic Cords of Attachment

“Negative energy from your past is whooshing in and out of your aura right now, moving through psychic cords of attachment. Expect this patterning to continue until the day you die… unless you can re- lease the cords.” ~ Cut the cords of Attachments, Rose Rosetree

Everything is energy; it forms the basis of the entire universe. Our energy defines our connection to everyone we come in contact with and it forms a cord between every individual, this is known as the psychic cords of attachments. They hold memories, feelings, energy patterns and so on.

energy cordsRose Rosetree, writer, spiritual healer, energy worker, & author of the book, Cut the cords of Attachments, said, “A cord of attachment is an energy structure between two people that causes patterns from the past to continue into the present. Cords distort thinking and feeling, moving people around like marionettes.”

Psychic cords of attachment exist all the time, until they are consciously cut. They define our relationships with different people and how we feel about others. Every individual in your life will have a different cord attached at different energy center.

We often find ourselves stuck in the loop of energy, old patterns, emotions, distress and negativity, in any relationship. This leaves a lasting impression on our mind and aura, which we carry for multiple lifetimes with us. The cords hold all the attachments we have with a person, and it is possible to have multiple cords with the same person at different places in our body.

How psychic cords of attachment are formed?

When we come in contact with a person, two types of energy is transmuted – one being the spiritual ties and the other is cord of attachment.

Rose Rosetree said, “Spiritual ties shine with caring, compassion, wisdom and other heart-melting qualities. These are beautiful energy exchanges between yourself and those you love. To picture spiritual ties, think ribbons of beautiful light, not puppet strings.”

So basically, we would not want to cut the spiritual ties with our loved ones, they are the reservoirs of beautiful bonds, experiences and memories we cherish.

Psychic cords of attachment lie completely on the other end of the spectrum. They contain all the negative energy patterns, distorted thoughts, bad experiences we have had with a person. Functioning all the time, as they are plugged deep into our subconscious mind, playing over and over again.
energy psychic cords
Cords aren’t necessarily bad. However, if you find yourself constantly thinking of someone in particular you may form a cord that will drain you. A typical example of a psychic cord of attachment is being stuck in a bad relationship. In spite of the relationship being over, you tend to think of that person. Or a fight you’ve had with a colleague or boss few days ago and you are still thinking about it.

Psychic cords of attachment could be minor and major. Major cords of attachment would be with lovers, spouses, sexual partners, siblings, best friends, gurus etc. Whereas minor cords of attachments lies with people we meet for limited duration, have less attachment or relation with, like colleagues, acquaintances etc.

What are the benefits of psychic cord cutting?

The recurring negative patterns of relationship can be mentally, physically and emotionally damaging. These cords might be draining your energy, making you unstable, negative and reclusive.

Cutting the cord will help break unwanted negative emotions and people on both ends of the cord can experience a major energy shift in their lives.

  • When you cut cords of attachment you make room for more fulfillment, peace and clarity. You will be able to understand your thoughts and view life from a better perspective. As earlier your perspective was obscured by your relationship.
  • Physical health improves in multiple ways. Some aches or pains you were experiencing in the past would disappear with cord cutting, as they might not be your aches or pains.
  • When we cut the cord, we are freeing ourselves from any addiction to substances or bad habits. For example, giving up smoking can be easier with cord cutting technique. The emotions, feelings and pleasure felt from smoking can be released completely and no further urge will be felt.
  • Relationships that have gone sour due to past experiences can be improved. Some of the energy patterns might be repeating themselves, making it impossible for two people to be happy together. Lovers, married couples, mother/daughter and father/son relationships, friends, partners, etc. When negative patterns are removed only the positive remains.

How to cut a psychic cord?

Psychic cord cutting does not always mean ending a relationship, unless you want to end it. A person or relationship does not disappear from your life on cutting the cord. It simply means cutting the negative aspects of a relationship to experience positivity without the negative overcast. There are multiple ways to cut psychic cords.

Here’s a simpler method that can be done by yourself, a therapist or an energy worker can provide assistance as well.

  • Sit comfortably on a chair, take deep breaths, gather yourself and bring all your awareness within. Fill yourself with the light and energy and delve deeper into the subconscious terrain. After you feel you are ready, invite the person in your subconscious space like a power room where you feel safe and secure; you are your real self and no memory or experiences can affect you.
  • ethereal-2Request your archangels, spirit guides, spiritual gurus to assist you in finding these psychic cords in your body to the person you wish to cut the cord with. Few of the major spots where most people experience an energy pull is the heart, throat or the stomach. These psychic cords are attached to energy vortexes. If you are unable to visualize, try to feel the areas where you might feel the maximum pull of energy.
  • Now, follow these cords back to the source, to the person standing in front of you in your power room. See all the cords of attachments with the other person. There could be one, a few or many.
  • Ensure that you are working only on the cords of attachments. Examine the cord by taking a moment. Does it look like a loving attachment or a negative link? In case you find a loving link, send love and light to the person and thank them for being there, supporting you & move further to find the cord of attachment.
  • Now, seek divine assistance and pick a tool to cut the cord of attachments only. You can imagine a golden knife, a silver ray emitting from your index finger, a divine scissor, and start to cut the cord from one end to the other end. Then pick up the broken pieces and burn it by throwing it in the divine fire.
  • Once done, request the person to go wherever they belong to right now. And slowly come out from the deep meditative state.
  • To completely destroy the cords of attachments you want to break free from, repeat the same process for 21 days.

Cutting Psychic Cords with Meditation

Psychic cord cutting takes place only when we are in a deeper state of awareness. It is an advantage if the practitioner meditates, but even if you don’t, the process will unfold gradually. Time and the duration is not important. This process is guided by personal intuition, for as long as one desires.

This is a basic process, you can take the help of a therapist to go deeper into this. Over here we are not severing the cords of relationships, we are just clearing out the negative ones, which is easier.

This simple yet effective technique can transform your life – just by parting from the unwanted energy we are creating space for more positive energy to come into our lives and relationships.

Cords of attachment

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Energy cords
Cleansing energy centers
Energy drain
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What to do if you find a cord that just won´t cut?

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