25 Feng Shui Tips to Increase Prosperity

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that has been in use for thousands of years because it works. It is based on an awareness of the movement of Chi, or life energy, within and around our surroundings.

Through centuries of detailed approach, it has found a correlation between the placement and orientation of the objects in our personal spaces and balance in our daily lives. In the simplest of terms, it’s a guide to arrange your space so you can live a better life.

To truly master Feng Shui takes years of study, but the good news is that it only takes a few, simple adjustments for you to realize its benefits.

Here are 25 tried-and-true tips that will increase the flow of fortune in your favor:

Clear your Clutter
A clean and organized space is a balanced space. If you are hanging on to too many things, or it’s been a while since you really scrubbed and organized your space, you might be unknowingly impeding the flow of abundance. The following four tips work because they help you to release the old, take stock of what you have, and make room for the new.

  • Keep your home, office, and vehicle clean and organized. Get rid of anything you no longer need or use, clutter, or anything that reminds you of a negative memory. You want to clear some space so new things will come to you.
  • Upgrade the entrance of your home, office, or room. Put a fresh coat of paint on your front door. Use metallic fixtures, such as door knobs and light features, and put out a fresh, new welcome mat. Add some fresh plants or flowers, and make sure the area is well-lit. When you make your entrance inviting, you attract new opportunities your way.
  • Keep your kitchen clean, and your pantry and fridge organized and well-stocked, to represent abundance.
  • A stove symbolizes the ability to feed your family. Always maintain a clean stove. Make sure all of the burners function properly.

Respect Your Finance

talismans_of_feng_shuiIt’s common to develop a love-hate relationship with money, but if you want to attract more of it you have to find some way to respect it. The following tips work by subconsciously training you to value the money you already have.

  • Put a # 8 in your wallet. Eight represents infinity, an endless loop of abundance. You can also try putting an eight in your checkbook, your purse, or near the place where you pay your bills.
  • Upgrade your wallet. Choose one in any of the money colors (green, red, purple or metallic) and make sure to replace it when it becomes worn. Do not use a second-hand wallet, and do not keep family pictures in the wallet. Both of these discourage the flow of abundance. Don’t forget to keep it clean and organized.
  • Get rid of any torn dollar bills and replace them with crisp, fresh ones.
  • Do not leave checks and bills out in the open where you will be reminded of money going out of your life. Organize them, pay them, and store them neatly in a closed space such as a drawer or file folder.
  • Find a designated location to store your purse or wallet when not in use. Don’t toss it on the floor or into a closet or a drawer. Treat it as a respected receptacle for your money.
  • Pick-up any loose change lying around and put it in one designated space, such as a colored or metallic container, an ornate box, or even a piggy bank. Not only does this keep your space neat, but it reminds you to respect the money you already have.

Amplify Abundance

bowl_of_fruit_by_simplistic_scionAbundance is in the eye of the beholder. The following tips work to amplify the abundance already present in your life.

  • Put a large bowl of fruit on your dining table to represent plenty.
  • Place a mirror to reflect your dining table to double the abundance it represents.
  • Hang a mirror to reflect your stove. This will increase the amount of burners you can see, which abundantly signifies the amount of people you can feed.
  • Keep all of the items in your life in good repair, and only choose to keep the ones you really love and that represent whatever abundance means to you. In Feng Shui, everything you own should provide purpose or meaning to you, otherwise you become its caretaker and it begins to own you.
  • Wear clothing that is neat, clean, feels comfortable, and represents you as a person with self-esteem, self-respect and affluence.

Decorate your Abundance Area

According to the western, or Black-hat school of Feng Shui, the abundance section of your home is in the back, left-hand corner of your space as you are facing the front entrance. The following tips make use of the energies in this spot to increase your prosperity.

  • Accent the area with the colors purple, green, metallic and/or red. Try using candles, vases, pillows or fabrics in these colors throughout your home.
  • Make use of the number 4. Group items in fours, such as pictures, books, pillows or tabletop items.
  • Place a jade or bamboo plant here and keep it healthy. However, if this area is a bedroom, skip the plants.
  • Decorate with some items made of wood, such as picture frames, lamps, or furniture.
  • Represent the rectangle with items such as a trinket box, basket or wall art.
  • Put something moving here to represent wind, such as a mobile, windmill or fan.
  • Use crystals that represent wealth, such as citrine, red or purple jasper, amethyst, jade, chrysocolla and/or pyrite (fool’s gold).
  • Add a fountain. Be sure the water flows toward your house and not away. Skip this step if the location is a bedroom.


  • Keep an aquarium with goldfish or an Arowana. Make sure it remains clean and in good working order. Again, skip this step if this is a bedroom. Water brings out heavy emotions when placed in a bedroom.
  • Add items that remind you of wealth or good fortune, such as gold coins, banks, pictures of money, or any items that make you feel luxurious.

Feng Shui is a fun and easy way to attract all that you want out of life. Each of these 25 tips are simple to execute, yet the possible benefits are unlimited. If you use them, make sure to allow some time to pass before you expect results, and make sure to be grateful as the continued abundance starts flowing your way.

When you feel abundant, you will attract abundance.

Image source
Talismans of feng shui

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Susan L. Magine
Susan L. Maginehttp://www.mechanicsofbeing.com
Susan L. Magine is a writer, clairvoyant healer, medium and Kundalini yoga instructor. She specializes in helping others heal through awareness and conscious energy movement. She is the author and creator of the metaphysical blog, Mechanics of Being.
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