Reincarnation and the Soul’s True Purpose: Part 2

“Yes, but negative is an illusion. Negative and positive are both construction material. Negative is evolutionary catalyst.” ~ Dolores Cannon, A Message from the Subconscious. (The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth)

Once we have embraced the idea of continuing on and transcended the idea of the fixed self, we can begin to apprehend the cycles of karma in our lives and how they may be holding us back from our greater purpose.

Without experiencing a past life regression where the subconscious, soul or guardian energies communicate directly to us through our own mouths what we should be focusing on is not necessarily a bad thing; if we are connected to our inner voice or are able to invite these answers in, then they will inevitably find us.


Like the cycles of karma we are ‘unconsciously’ experiencing, we can chose to attract the solution to them, and probably secretly know this information already. Through the depths of Dolores Cannon (past life regression hypnotists’) research, certain patterns and similarities between sessions have emerged illustrating that it’s not always as straight forward as it seems.

And, while it may be fun to speculate what exotic times we may have lived or people of influence we may have been, all is irrelevant in the law of karma. It is perhaps better NOT to know, but instead recognize these patterns on an intuitive level than explore the past for the sake of it.

Here are some common things to consider that may be the ‘focus’ of this lifetime:

The Subconscious Goes Awry

“Fear creates Disease” ~ They Walked With Jesus.

Our subconscious is a literal translator, and it is through this blunt and un-nuanced language that a huge amount of problems in the body are created. Problems that are often the reason many people visit a hypnotist in the first place; smoking, the compulsion to eat, not being able to get pregnant; the body is a machine and reacts directly to what the subconscious and the ‘agreements’ it has.

Some examples are; compulsive eating due to starvation in a past life, pains in the gut from being devoured by an alligator from the torso (yes there have been such reports whether you believe it or not), unresolved grief in a past life that leads to the desire to constantly warm the lungs (in Chinese medicine the centre of metal where unexpressed grief is stored and may lead to illness)… the results may be surprising and require some backward thinking but the simplest of changes can resolve it through daily mantra, affirmation or prayer. Let your body be your guide.

The Social Beast

Fear of the crowd, empathy, co-dependence or introversion, though signs of our higher calling in this life, can also be signs of unhealed past wounds. A life spent in solitude, as a hermit or a ‘negative’ experience in a community; such as a strict routine as a nun or the experience of abuse in a cult could lead to an aversion to the other in this life.

We need others to thrive and cultivate our energy with in this life, but deep wounds may cause the orphan, rebel or victim archetype in us whether we experienced this in childhood or not.

Being rejected by our community or having a fear of the crowd may weave its way into our karma as we go through life meeting people who desire to destroy us subconsciously, though modern terms like destroying our reputations.

Not taking things personally and transcending the ego will shine a light to drown this out, therefore breaking the bonds of karma and resolving it once and for all.

Karmic Relationships

“The awakening is the purpose. The awakening of the fact that in essence we are light, we are love.” ~ Convoluted Universe, Book One.

There is no ‘One’, as Jung put it; we meet ourselves a thousand times on the path of a lifetime. Whatever form the other takes, those who play a huge role will either be connected to your soul and there to guide it… or there to ruffle its feathers.

The reason marriage, parenthood and the relationship we had with our own parents can test us so much is directly designed to enable us to recognize what we are trying to resolve in ourselves. That said, many people have reported they are living a resting life, where everything seems easy and relationships are peaceful.

In the last century this was more common, but as time speeds up and a new paradigm quickens, we are having to speed up too; resolving karmic relationships at a faster pace and diving headfirst into those karmic webs in order to un-knit them.

The Absence of Light

An explanation for extreme cases of darkness can be an unnerving subject, but karma can offer us some explanation as to why awful things happen to us. Suicide, murder, abuse and disaster; the intense suffering this human experience can create has the ability to inextricably link us to one another for lifetimes.

BALANÇA Carma, Destino e Ética_ ComMoldura

Though the general karmic rule can be applied; reflecting on what others are doing to you and knowing that you probably did it to them at some point, and the flippancy in which many of us approach such areas of darkness; for example seeing bad luck as a sign of bad karma, or other’s struggle as something they may deserve feeds in to our own fears of wrong-doing and the need to compare.

While others have chosen to approach those areas of darkness and others have not reflects not on their depth of ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but on their soul’s decision to brave the darkest caves and overcome it.

It can be difficult to get our heads around why such atrocities occur, much less have compassion for those involved, but it all goes back to the idea that we are cells in the body of God collecting information. Everything is possible and has some purpose.

Nature vs Nurture

Choosing certain roads in your life path that you attribute to intuitive responses to your karma may not always appear as they seem. Many subjects have reported that their thirst for travel was an integral one, and the many lives they fled from when they were supposed to stay put and uphold the ‘contracts’ they had made with others before that life consequently had to be rewritten again and again.

Every decision has the power to set us rolling back into the same traps; it is our ability to reach the lofty attics of honesty from the basements of our impulses. Fight or flight can often derail our life’s path and have us chose comfort or adventure over hard toil and humility. Only we can know.

From the watery caves of suffering to the middle road of privilege and reflection, the higher calling is always the same; to cleanse past karma, put things to rights and leap to the heights of human achievement.

Whether you feel you are not achieving your full potential, have an unexplained illness or addiction, or are experiencing the same round of bullets in personal relationships, your experiences provide the key to resolving your karma.

As Buddha did when he fed himself to the family of tigers, we have it in ourselves to grasp the highest path and highest option in any given circumstance; whether through giving all our accumulated wealth to others, finding compassion for the greatest of cruelties inflicted on us or simply not procrastinating a moment longer.

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Lauren Simpson-Green, who has had quite a few life-affirming spiritual experiences already, now passes her days trying to master one of the most challenging and rewarding spiritual experiences of all; being a mother to two children. Based in Devon, UK, she spends the rest of her time working on a children's book, practising yoga and making wool fairies and gnomes for her daughter's school fayres.


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