5 Signs You are Transcending the Illusion of Separation

“We are all just walking each other home.” ~ Ram Dass

The Third Dimension operates within the rules of separation and duality. What is beauty without ugliness? Masculine without feminine? Bliss without suffering? Some say that even the death and rebirth cycle is due to how locked in we are to the perception of contrast. But higher dimensional realities don’t work that way.

As the contrasts we perceive flake away, we begin to perceive a new version of reality. One that transcends the illusion of separation and integrates itself in the perspective of our higher selves. Are you there yet? Here are 5 signs you just might be:


The synchronicities you perceive are taking on a different shape than they have before. You are beginning to realize that the fleeting signs and voices of reassurance that sometimes enter your being belong to something more complex than that umbrella term ‘the Divine.’

Through experiencing remote healing or remote communication with those you love, those you can’t stand, or even Gaia or non-physical beings you are unaware you’ve been in contact with since before your birth, you are entering the collective unconscious like never before.

You are noticing that, just as you send messages of love to those you love or have difficulty with, they send messages to You. Whether they are conscious or unconscious, these messages are now reaching you at an increasingly wonderful rate. Those voices you thought belonged to ‘God’ or some divine but independent force from you are actually the higher selves of other people you are experiencing the matrix with.

Similarly, as you send out your messages of love or compassionate reassurance to those you can clearly see the patterns of but are unable to tell directly, you support them as you are supported. You are in awe of the collective aspect of our awakening. You see yourself more and more in others. You belong.

Collective Compassion

Whether you believe in past lives or not, you are becoming increasingly aware of a pool of knowledge where all human knowledge and experiences has accumulated. You have come into the awareness that you can, at any time and in any moment, align yourself with that knowledge and experience and take what you need from it. As you realize that everything has already been done, you also realize that paradoxically, there is also space to do something that has never been done before.

This helps you to come into awareness that at our core, we are simply discovering the best path to take back to love. You know that that is all we desire, at our core; the attainment of love and to merge back in to the Source. In this way, a wave of compassion overwhelms you; for the struggles you and others have put themselves through simply to experience.

You know that the journey is what matters, and you are able to see the core intention in everyone therefore seeing yourself in everyone. Even those you recognize as superficially having nothing in common with you, you see as brothers and sisters. You are transcending the ego and are lowering your flag. You know you don’t need to fight anymore and want to share this lovingly with others.

Any thing that hook your attention or you chose to take personally are the 3rd dimensional laws of polarity and attraction leaving you. Rather than resent them, you are grateful for them and to those who deliver them to you.

You can now see that the way forward is to keep lovingly releasing all old patterns and are reminded that your perception is but a hologram; you know you are in the driver’s seat and have control in what you chose to focus on.

Shared Responsibility

You are beginning to see the new depths and nuances of consciousness and the concept of enlightenment. You know that your higher purpose is to become enlightened but you are now seeing that state as a web of possibilities rather than one fixed outcome.

You are coming into the knowledge of the enlightenment of the planet and are aware of your part in it. You know that one individual becoming enlightened greatly helps the collective, but that many awakened individuals help even more. As a magnet or centre of a vortex pulls other entities into its space, you understand the need for positive vortexes and begin your own cleansing in order to achieve this.

You are no longer overwhelmed by the responsibility of this and are able to willingly step into your light, knowing that it will help others. You are shedding the illusion that you need to go out and save the world, rather that you need to look inside and saving the world will be a happy accident in joint occurrence with that act of looking in.

Shedding Individualism

As you shed the layers of ego that were dictating you get ahead of others and prove something to your loved ones, your priorities change and you no longer want to stay an island.

Where before you were so ambitious and intense, now you are relaxed and allow things to come to you. In a way, this frightens you. Perhaps you are losing your sense of humour, your ambitions were who you are; your identity falls away and you see it was never real in the first place. You are becoming increasingly comfortable with allowing moments of pure expression blossom into nothingness and are able to let them go.

You see yourself as a blank canvas and are open to painting on it – you don’t resist life – but also don’t hold on to your successes. Just as you have learnt to let go of your failures, you no longer need to catalogue your successes. Time falls away as you embrace the true nature of reality. Others see this ability in you and begin to follow.

Becoming A Leader

Although you are no longer attached to the image of being a leader and feel it gives you status, you are becoming a leader. You light the way for others to follow. You are living the truth of unity.

You are stepping out of the shell of separation and allowing it to slip through your fingers. You have transcended the illusion of separation and see the light in everyone. You are no longer bored by the seemingly perfect sky of potential but instead uncover more to learn in every direction you look.

You breathe in the sky-like true nature of reality and disappear into every moment. You are one with the sky; the trees; the birds; the earth; the insects and the people around you. Every step you take and every gesture you make is harmonious and does no harm.

As you embody this leadership the feelings of others and the inner knowing presents itself before and after everything you do. You have become one with your higher self and leave no trace of karma any more. Even when someone confronts you with anger you are able to dissolve it simply by looking into their eyes and seeing your own reflection.

You have become one with existence.

So, are you aligning more with your higher self and noticing those old patterns flaking away? Are you choosing the positive contrast or option when you select your reaction to life events, therefore embracing the higher love inherent in the true nature of reality? Are you stepping off the cycle of samsara by doing so? Then you may just be transcending the illusion of separation and co-creating our new reality, the next stage of human consciousness.

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Illusion – Nadja Jovanovic
Optical Illusion
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