Three Reasons Why You’re Perfect for your Life’s Purpose

 “We have all heard that no two snowflakes are alike. Each snowflake takes the perfect form for the maximum efficiency and effectiveness for its journey.” ~ Steve Maraboli

You are perfect, yet you are imperfect.

Ever wondered why you are the way you are? And why you consistently fall down the same holes, or are unable to shake the same problems, over and over again?

Why you are loud or shy, promiscuous and candid, cagey, tenacious, slow on the up take, or always bored and hungry for more? And how much of ‘you’ feels driven by decisions made on your part in comparison to the forces of fate?

Is your life calmly washing in and out of the beach like the waves of the tide, or are you forcing divine timing and suffering in the process?

Forget manifesting for a minute, forget the law of attraction and transcending thought. Forget ‘peaking’ and finding enlightenment. All you need to know right now is… You and everything that’s happening to you is perfect for your life’s purpose.

Once we remove ourselves from the picture and see we are a part of the collective conscious, we are able to appreciate that variety is the spice of life and this, no matter how hard those in power try to homogenize, is the natural and glorious order of things.

Just as the river feeds the plant life, who feeds the insects, we feed the balance. We are expressions of a greater entity.shadow self

Your shadow and ego serve you

“For the wing of tears there is joy; for the wing of rejection there is acceptance; for the wing of judgment there is grace; for the wing of honor there is shame; for the wing of letting go there is the wing of keeping. We can only fly with two wings and two wings can only stay in the air if there is a balance. Two beautiful wings is perfection.” ~ C. Joybell. C

You are perfect for your life’s purpose. Try saying it every morning. You are perfect for this life. For the eternal and immediate contract you wrote out for yourself when you were a soul waiting to enter that baby as it was born.

So you can always strive to improve and be the best version of yourself but you don’t really need to try because, aside from the games you’re playing tying up this end and bringing this to a close you really are, perfect.

The ego wants to compare. It wants to say; but you are you and I am me and I’m a little bit better at this than you, but you win on this front and that front and you seem so good at this and that and… let’s face it, I stink at everything.

Then we get into super egos and detachment from reality and before we know it everyone’s comparing themselves to an illusion, and fighting for something that doesn’t exist.

The ego wants life in black and white. It likes duality, because it likes to control the order of things and is terrified someone will do something to surprise it and therefore threaten the being it’s trying to protect. A wise person knows that with one you must have the other.

A wise person knows, that an advancement in social standing (for example) comes with great responsibility. Or a missed opportunity with a new beginning. Transmutation and transformation are life in a nutshell, impermanence the only horizon.

With darkness comes light. If you weren’t depressed all those years maybe you wouldn’t have the stored energy you need to draw on now. Your soul had a rest and processed a backlog of emotions (which were all totally justified and valuable by the way), but now you’re ready for action.

If you didn’t make your mark on the world as soon as you graduated, then it was because you were meant to do it now, now you know what the world is like and are more mature for it. Our shadow nurtures our creativity. If we look at others and say – they have no shadow, they seem whole, we are cutting ourselves short.

Everyone has a shadow, and if they seem whole then it simply means they have learnt to accept it. With comparison comes withdrawal and the fear of failure. Centre and nurture yourself, shadow and all, for it’s there to help you. It too, is perfect for your life’s purpose. Look after it.

Your work is your art, your work is your action

“To banish imperfection is to destroy expression, to check exertion, to paralyze vitality.” ~ John Ruskin

People get really hung up on the words ‘talented’ or ‘successful’. But she’s so talented, so successful! What we often see in others (when we’re comparing of course), is the finished product, the shined up surface. What those people actually did, was work hard.

Actually, take that back – they didn’t work hard. They worked slowly and gently. They took an interest or a love of something they found at play, and they (their souls, being perfect and interested in something for a reason) built on it.
Their life situations probably worked against it but that made them fight harder for it, they did what they loved and that was all that mattered, and soon they became masters at manifesting.

They lined their prayers with humility and complimented them with work, taking action until the universe joined in (seeing it was something worth investing in), to really make it happen.

Not many masterpieces have been plucked from the air in a fit of creative ecstasy (or if they were, then it was because that person had worked and proved themselves for ten years or so first).

They were worked for. Not suffering-type work. Not grueling, everyday mundane work. But this is what I love and what fascinates me and I will do it regardless. Be it successfully raising a family, building a career or paving out a spiritual path. It came, not from talent, but from your imperfection. This was the work you came here to do.

Circumstances to overcome become strength in the face of adversity

“I hate to complain…No one is without difficulties, whether in high or low life, and every person knows best where their own shoe pinches.” ~ Abigail Adams

As far as circumstances and what you’re attracting, whether consciously or unconsciously, the higher self really does know best. Don’t have any friends?suffering
Perhaps you secretly don’t want any because they distract from your purpose.

Don’t have any money? Perhaps your soul would be better off achieving its purpose without it. There’s a lot of talk in new age self help books about ‘bending the universe’s will’ with the law of attraction in order to fill our pockets or again, become ‘successful’…

What if that’s not the point of your life? If that was the point of everyone’s life then we’d defy the natural order of the universe.

Accepting who we are is enough, not doing so in order to gain more funds. Playing God has always been a chip on Man’s shoulder. Trusting our higher selves means just that, trusting the gaps and inexplicable to sew the pieces together.

Without the lows there would be no highs. In a blissful state, we simply enjoy both, not override one for the other. As the John Lennon lyric goes, life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.

Our imperfections compel us to evolve, to seek out completeness. Our shadows help us to grow… but really we are already home. Actually our version of perfection just happens to be completely unique and different to every other expression of the Divine.

And wow! That alone should make us revel in our divinity if nothing else. Really, in all our imperfection, we are already perfect.

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Self reflection
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Adam Scott Miller

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