6 Soul Contracts as an Example of Karma

“Dream delivers us to dream, and there is no end to illusion. Life is like a train of moods like a string of beads, and, as we pass through them, they prove to be many-colored lenses which paint the world their own hue. . . . ” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

If everything on the plane of duality is an illusion; a story, then we can gain a lot of wisdom from parable, allegory and other forms of narrative. For me, the narratives that emerge from deep recall hypnotherapy or QHHT are not only fascinating, but also reveal the bonds of karma and how we might break free of them.

Remembering that karma and entering into soul contracts is a choice, and that we can make the decision to end the cycle of Samsara without the need to repay anything is empowering to say the least.

But we can certainly learn something from noticing our own karmic patterns, breaking them in a matter of days and moving above and beyond duality by dissolving any separation between us.

I have simply included the videos for a few of the lives, as they speak better for themselves.

Here are 6 examples of soul contracts and how they can be resolved:

The Nazi and the Angel

A girl of about ten years of age wakes up being tortured by some people. She is lying on a table and knows they have put a steel bar in her head.

She understands she is in a concentration camp and that they are using electricity to torture her into telling them information about the enemy forces. She has psychic abilities and they wish not only to use them but to understand how the abilities work by monitoring the girl’s brain and performing experiments on her.

There is one man in particular who is trying to gain this information. He is a Nazi, and as she dies, having resisted giving away this information, she sees his face full with anger. After spending some time resting in the angelic realm, it transpires that he has followed her in to this life and is her violent and angry father.

He could never get the light he knew resided in her from her and was always mad at her for it. Having realized this, they could now break their soul contract and move on.

The Nanny and the Endometriosis

An artist sees a lifetime where she lived in somewhere resembling Amsterdam. She is a nanny who goes into the basement of the house to do the laundry using huge barrels of water, a wash board and a paddle.

There is a little boy of two years old playing around the water and trying to help. She experiences an extreme love and delight at him, then fast forwards to her death bed which he sits next to, now much older.

As she dies she experiences extreme sadness at having to leave him, and the higher self tells her that it showed her this life in order to remind her that she didn’t need to have a biological connection to a child to experience a mother’s love.

It reminds her of this because of her endometriosis in this lifetime, which may mean she is unable to have children. It also tells her she can be a spokeswoman for this.

The Baby Snatcher and the Entity

A woman regresses into the life of a cowboy who ignores his family but completes his job with honour and pride. As the cowboy dies an angry rash appears on the woman’s neck as she speaks to the higher self and moves between lifetimes.

She then describes a lifetime of a woman who lost her baby and as she travels on a paddle steamer becomes obsessed with another young family’s baby. She creeps into the mother’s room and steals the baby, eventually getting stopped by the sheriff.

She must deal with the shame and guilt, however, it then transpires that the soul remembering this is actually a hitch-hiker who attached itself to the woman being regressed in between this life and the life of the cowboy (hence the rash) and has been hiding out in her throat.

She took advantage of this woman knowing that she would spend her life looking after babies. The higher self guides the kidnapper to be reunited with the real baby in the light and the entity leaves.

Domestic Abuse and the Desire for Children

Although karma is originally something we have committed and it needs to be experienced by us from the other’s perspective, sometimes that perspective repeats through many lifetimes. When the soul cannot resolve the karma it will keep happening.

A young and beautiful woman is forced to marry a wealthy man, even though she is already in love with someone else. The new husband, understanding that she does not love him rapes and beats her and keeps her under control for fifteen years.

He is always trying to get her pregnant but she resists even though she really wants children. When he finally dies she is free but stays a zombie, utterly unhappy and simply waits out the rest of her life. In this lifetime the higher self tells her she’s not doing so good as the karma has repeated.

The husband in that life became the partner in this one and finally got the children he so wanted in the previous life out of her, essentially winning. Even though he is out of the picture and they have separated in this life, she still needs to stand up to those around her and be more assertive.

The Slave Trader and the Egyptian Princess

A West Indian woman regresses to two past lives. In one she is a slave trader on a boat picking up slaves from South America to sell. She describes with disgust how they are crammed into crates below the deck and how she has to throw dead bodies overboard when they become sick and die.

She then goes even further back to a time when she is an Egyptian princess walking by the Nile and feels a great disgust at herself as, even though she has everything, the pyramids before her were built by slaves.

The soul blocks this information repeatedly and it is very difficult to get the information. She was not quite ready to forgive herself for that and promises to have another session.

The Mob and the Bitterness

A man is accused of witchcraft or black magic in a desert-like landscape and he and his daughter are taken by the mob and brutally killed with stones and rocks. The man describes how he could see all the faces of the mob and must return to face those people again in later lifetimes where they would subconsciously try to destroy him.

The soul describes how, even though he waits in the resting place for hundreds of years, he still feels like a victim and is unable to forgive this happening.

He also describes the helplessness and fear of not being able to protect his child. The soul’s karma can be resolved by learning to trust and not taking other’s attacks personally but showing them compassion and reuniting others through their example.

Do you see yourself in any of these? Do they resonate with you? Sometimes it can helpful to make your problems into a story, even telling yourself this story with yourself as the third person in order to gain perspective, detach and finally resolve it through the eyes of a parent nurturing their own child.

Past lives are not there to get attached to, but to help the soul with the most apparent problem they are facing in this life. In this way, storytelling can be used as a healing tool, one that helps us get back to the light and transcend this plane of duality for good.

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Lauren Simpson-Green, who has had quite a few life-affirming spiritual experiences already, now passes her days trying to master one of the most challenging and rewarding spiritual experiences of all; being a mother to two children. Based in Devon, UK, she spends the rest of her time working on a children's book, practising yoga and making wool fairies and gnomes for her daughter's school fayres.
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