10 Quotes From Mooji to Question the Mind

“Don’t wait for your mind to be quiet. As you are made aware of your natural state of being… this is the wonderfulness of consciousness… you’re simply here.” ~ Mooji

Speaking on the consistency of the self, and the chaos of the mind, Mooji has been speaking wise words since he opened his chai shop, where he didn’t speak for long periods in 1998, but simply served tea and studied under Papaji for some time in India.

He began meeting some determined seekers in his apartment in Brixton Hill, where his satsang was born. Gradually, the seekers began to ask questions about how to have a direct experience of the truth, and people enjoyed basking in Mooji’s radiant presence and love. He has been speaking on the mind and on that radiant love ever since, and now spends time in Portugal, the UK and India. 

When his master died, he famously said: “The Master does not die. It is the mister, the person, that dies. The Master, that timeless and unborn principle within, alone exists and is the Real.”

Here are 10 Mooji quotes to question the mind:

“Your heart is the light of this world, don’t cover it with your mind.”

Like all of Mooji’s messages, the coming into being involves being more in a heart space, or heart energy. Once you, not quieten, but ignore the mind, you begin to come more into heart energy and it begins to be revealed. Slowly, our heart space increases as we let go of the mind, and begin to see the true self.

The self gets space and leverage to be who it really is; a consistent, unchanging, unshakable awareness. Joy spills in, and an unprecedented awareness, light spills in and fills in the gaps. The mind may still be crazy, it may still be there, but there is only the self in an authentic sense.

“No thought has any power. You have power. And when you identify and believe in the thought you give power to the thought.”

Identifying with thoughts are in opposition of the true self. They are the anti-self. We are always having thoughts about ourselves which are not true, they change, from one day to the next, they are discarded constantly by the mind. The mind shakes up thoughts, they whirl around the mind, the mind presents us with constant theories, constant worries or ideas about the way things are.

You have power, means we have power in the self, the self, which is always there, unshakeable and still, and connected to all things that have been, and all things that are. The field of being has power, true power, and when we observe the mind, and become the observer, we give power to the self, truth and authenticity. 

“When you can bear your own silence, you are free.”

We are free in our authentic selves, and the truth lies in wait. To bear your own silence is to let go of the mind. To be free, is to be in that authentic space of the self. God is in that silence. God is everywhere, in everything. Not absolutely though, the opposite of that silence, the mind, the chaos, is where god is not. Or is he/she/it?

Perhaps the mind is also a part of God. So not absolutely, but also absolutely. When you can bear your own silence, you are free. To be free of bondage and liberation, is to be truly free. I’m free beyond the concept of liberation, and free beyond the concept of being free.

“Who reminds you to breathe and beat your heart? Something is there, taking care.”

God is everywhere. And also in you. That is why it is good to be in the realm of the heart or the breath. Because, in their consistent consistency, they give us a doorway into the truth, which is beyond all knowing of the mind. It’s nature, but its also nurture.

It’s God, but it’s also the present moment, a space beyond the mind, which is why we can use it as a tool to focus on, and use it to create that doorway to the truth. That consistent space of joy and contentment, where true stillness lives. 

“You need nothing to be happy – you need something to be sad.”

Nothingness increases happiness, to let go of all your old attachments; to objects, to things, to ideas, especially to ideas, to the chaos of the mind, increases happiness. To being attached, is to be sad. To have something, especially ideas, better known as thoughts, is to be burdened. That burden is to be sullied by the mind. Remember it is God, but it is also not. To be sad, is not God, it’s not pure joy.

God is inherent in everything, and the mind is like an addition to that. We are sad when we have something, means we are burdened by that very thing which keeps us from a true experience of a higher force. To have something is to be sad, to not have something is to be happy; you need nothing to be happy. In the absence of thought, we are happy. 

“When you don’t want to be interesting, you are free.”

The ego really is a persistent evil in that we do not need it. Not that there is any evil in this existence. The ego just is a distraction from the now. The mind is like a devil in that it is not welcome. It helps with survival only. But to want to be interesting, this is a throwaway product of the mind. It is un-necessary.

What is really necessary are those moments of freedom, the constant that is always there, God. That limitless joy which springs up and blossoms and just is. That is true freedom.  

“You already are the peace you are looking for. Be still and know that.” 

You already are the peace you are looking for. In the stillness you can know that. Mooji is very special because he speaks in very simple terms, circling over the same truths, he speaks, yet he never runs out of words! Many of these quotes cover the same ground, yet they are always fresh.

In stillness, we are at peace, and in the ‘You’ we are at peace. You are looking, your ego is looking, yet you are already there. Being still, focusing on the breath and the heart beat, and we know we are there. The stillness increases, and we can find ourselves in our true joy and beingness. 

“Every living being is searching for this! … Rest. Because every time we touch the mind stuff, and person and personality and what kind of person you want to be, you disturb yourself. But we are so accustomed to the disturbance we tolerate it.”

We are so accustomed to disturbance, even though it is not our true being, we put up with it. That is why, when we disturb the mind, it can create chaos for us, at first. The mind swings from one thing to the next, and we tolerate it because it is all we know.

Rest is like peace and joy, we search for it, we desire it, we require it, it is the true nature of being and the true nature of all of us. God. But we ‘touch the mind stuff’ and resist that by trying to be interesting, trying to look a certain way, trying to be a certain person, and we resist the rest. You disturb yourself.  

“Your mantra is thank you. Just keep saying thank you. Don’t explain. Don’t complain. Just say thank you. Say thank you to existence.” 

Say thank you to existence, every day, say thank you. Don’t explain, don’t complain, just ignite your prayer with gratitude. ‘I’m everywhere like space’ – Guruji. And being everywhere, the thankfulness increases something in space.

Like a ripple in a lake, gratitude joins the whole, and the space it embodies. Existence becomes you, you become one with existence. By saying thank you, you can increase the moment by being away from the mind, or absent from it. 

“Some people are looking for some thing, some object, that when they find it, they say then I’ll be happy, and you know what happiness is? To be content. And you know what contentment is? To be still.” 

To be content is to be still, and that is happiness! Mooji’s words pierce the now and help us to experience those moments of joy and stillness. It’s quite a revolutionary concept, that happiness is stillness. And how do we unlock that stillness? By noticing the mind. Mood encourages us in being the observer of the mind, to question it, and ultimately move beyond it. 

Mooji truly is a special light in these current times, and we are truly grateful to him for shining his light. His words transform us, and glow in the hearts of all who hear him speak. He has been shining that light and his words will continue to do so for many years to come.

Be at Peace Even with a Chaotic Mind

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Lauren Simpson-Green, who has had quite a few life-affirming spiritual experiences already, now passes her days trying to master one of the most challenging and rewarding spiritual experiences of all; being a mother to two children. Based in Devon, UK, she spends the rest of her time working on a children's book, practising yoga and making wool fairies and gnomes for her daughter's school fayres.
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