Cosmic Co-Creation: How to Be Your Own Muse

The universe works on the principle of constant creation. As humans, we often forget about the colossal nature of the space we inhabit and its default functionality mode: evolution through creation.

Being an integral part of this cosmic consciousness, our true essence belongs to the joy of creation as well. Each passing day scientists discover interesting similarities between the functioning of the universe at large and the anatomy of a human at a cellular level implying if the universe can expand, we can too.

The human potential for creation is enormous and within all of us lies a dormant energy waiting to be activated. Our desire to create is rooted within our desire to expand as well. However, due to the predetermined notions of our experience of creativity and life, it gets increasingly difficult to tap into the power of our inner creator.

It begins with the education system that enforce a rigid curriculum upon students, a pattern that repeats itself in organisations where the hierarchical distribution of power ruins all the possibilities for unique creative expression of several individuals.

The restlessness we feel within us is because we don’t even know the real cause of our discomfort and we run in circles to find new ways of escapism from pain we have no idea of. And this pain is about not being able to delve deeper into our uniqueness. The standards of living a life laid out by the society makes it impossible for us to get in touch with the energy within us screaming for expression.

6257970819 6dea25076c bFor those of us who develop courage to go beyond the conditioning of the society end up contributing to the world in myriad ways. While the rest of us live our lives coping with the unknown pain. We keep traumatising ourselves by denying our soul our truthful glory.

However, the good news is that it is never too late to go on the journey of authentic self-expression and creativity. And for this purpose, understanding the exquisiteness of co-creation becomes essential.

A lot of us understand co-creation as creating with a group of community which, of course, is also co-creation but the first and foremost process of co-creation begins with identifying and co-partnering with your soul, after which, you can easily walk on the path of collaborating with yourself, co-creating with yourself, and merging with the endless pool of your inner energy. Your co-creator brings you in alignment with your life’s purpose.

“Healing is impossible in loneliness; it is the opposite of loneliness. Conviviality is healing. To be healed we must come with all the other creatures to the feast of Creation.” ~ Wendell Berry, The Art of the Commonplace: The Agrarian Essays (pg.99, “The Body and the Earth”)”

Activating the energy of your inner creator

The energy of a creator is that of a seed breaking through the soil to see the face of the sky. It takes nurturing energy of the sunlight, moving vibrations of the water, and grounding strength of the earth for a plant to emerge out of a seed.

Our inner creator is no different from a plant. To meet your inner creator you have to actively sow the seed of willingness to know your higher self. You want to meet your inner muse that wants to play and experiment to find out a world of new possibilities for you. You want to nurture this relationship with the inner muse.

i4 e1525899790155One can compare this process with that of making music. If you look at a musician, they are completely in tune with their instruments to create sounds that resonate with their inner vibrations.

To meet the inner creator, synchronize your mind’s frequency with that of your body and notice a subtle takeover of the moving energy within you.

For this kind of energy to emerge, a state of alignment or calmness is not just crucial but vital. In the presence of this calmness, imagination follows, where you can feel the moving force of creative energy. This force is your co-creator, your muse, the authentic “you.”

Collaborate with your intuition

It takes genuine presence to tune in with your co-creator. Most of the time it will feel odd to listen to this unique inner voice as it is difficult to think and feel out of the norm and standard practices of living when at each and every step we are accompanied with the deep-rooted beliefs of inferiority and unworthiness.

This voice of doubt isn’t your voice to begin with. It is the conditioned societal voice and in this moment, you can face your fear of being different that leads to isolation. This face-off will actually dissolve the fear giving you immense amount of courage to listen to your inner muse and collaborate with your intuition.

You will also realize that the perpetual restlessness of your being starts coming to ease and you don’t seek escape anymore. You become perfectly capable of expressing your true self and your life feels more joyful and satisfying. The cosmic energy flows through your being and you feel motivated to co-create for the betterment of humanity.

It is only when you are able to co-create with yourself, you can co-create with other beings.

“Collaboration has no hierarchy. The Sun collaborates with soil to bring flowers on the earth.” ~ Amit Ray

eff5386561341d057bdfef0ed8916326 higher consciousness mother earthAs social beings, the ultimate co-creation begins with the understanding that each one of us are here to express our soul’s unique expression.

Our capacity to uplift and re-shape our experience of the world manifolds when we allow different kinds of energy to come together to give birth to a more nurturing way of life.

Acknowledge diversity and fall in love with the elements that make one being different and unique from another. It is only through loving integration of our differences that we can co-create a new earth together which will vibrate at the frequency of pure understanding and harmony.

Image Sources:

Louis Dyer
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