Manifesting Self Love : Loving Yourself One Day at a Time

There is freedom waiting for you, On the breezes of the sky, And you ask “What if I fall?”
Oh but my darling, What if you fly? ~ Erin Hanson

As a collective, gradually, we’re sinking in with the idea of self-love. The level of awareness around self-love is on a rise, as more and more people are developing a willingness to learn about our mind’s capacity to create a constructive reality.

However, a lot of us, find ourselves drained after dedicating days, months, years to the principles of law of attraction and self-love as we find ourselves in a reality that is the bang opposite to the one we wanted. We do lose a bit of trust in all the teachings of the self-help community when we find our own imagination painstakingly failing.

The rule goes that if anything wrong has happened in the external world, then, we must look into our internal world. After all, the outer reality is a blatant reflection of our inner reality. This is every bit true, but, our understanding of reality, be it inner or outer isn’t as clear as water.

Moreover, our understanding of reality shifts on a daily basis. Adding to which, each one of us is looking at an entirely different reality. As you don’t know what you don’t know, it becomes so very essential to understand what self-love means to you despite the meanderings of the subconscious mind.

Moreover, as the subconscious mind is a powerful aspect of you, how can you fall in love with your subconscious mind? One exciting approach to our subconscious mind is considering it as a journey but not a destination.

Each day when you wake up, up until the point you go to sleep, and beyond sleep, your subconscious mind is continuously showing you signals that would take you one step closer to understanding yourself deeply. The key is to pay attention and cultivate a mindset that is always willing to collaborate with the heart to know oneself.

We all desire expansion but expansion can’t happen if you don’t know yourself or the core of your being. So, instead, the law of attraction doing its job of bringing all the lessons that you must learn to find your core being, why don’t you take the plunge and find it out for yourself.

The subconscious mind doesn’t give you all the information you need at once but in bits and pieces. It is manifesting its own realities because it too wants closure. It wants you to stop treating it like a storage box so that it gets a chance to reveal its true power to you.

Here is a problem: most of us are forcing ourselves to feel love, peace, and gratitude for the universe as well as ourselves. If there is even a single cell in your body that doesn’t feel thankful, then, you are not entirely thankful.

You are repeating the same mistake that has been the foundation of your entire life: tricking your mind into believing something that is untrue and in the process, asking your subconscious mind to increase its garbage holding capacity and manifest confusion. But you can never ever trick your heart.

The universe listens to your heart all the time even if you don’t. If a heart is carrying a pain or a shock, then, it is communicating that pain to the universe. You have cultivated resilience and discipline but if that is on the shaky foundations of a deeply entrenched sense of doubt, then your very resilience is draining you of hope and courage.

Messages like ‘Let’s have a Fresh Start’ or ‘Forget the Past, Move On’ is doing unimaginable amounts of damage to our society and this begins very early. If we get hurt as a child, our parents do everything in their capacity to distract us so that we stop crying.

We learn distraction at a very early age, only to find out later in our lives that our entire time on this planet has been an outcome of running away from pain.

Self-Love doesn’t demand you to please yourself or the universe. Self-Love wants you to be brutally honest with yourself and the world around you at any cost. You will always have to look out for the root. And your heart will always take you there if you allow it to.

Here are a few ways through which you can allow your heart to find its core essence and needs:

Using Your Gift of Awareness

Most of us don’t realize that our awareness is our superpower. Within us, exists, the capacity to unravel deepest secrets of the universe. Currently, humanity is facing a spiritual blindness, due to which, we’ve all lost the pathway to the greatest source of knowledge: ourselves.

This spiritual blindness has been caused by our fear of death. So, ask yourself: what do you fear losing so bad and what will happen if you lose it? How is this fear shaping your day and night? What emotions do you feel because of this fear? And most importantly, how captivated are you by these emotions?

Demystify the Material World

As humans, self-indulgence is our vice and virtue at the same time. Our minds are so imaginative that it constantly tricks itself into the action and reward cycle. There is nothing wrong with money and beautiful objects. After all, all these objects are extensions of human creativity.

But when does this love for creativity end and the addiction for escapism takes over? Be careful of escapism. Escapism is not your friend. This process is so subtle that you don’t even realize and days, months, years are over, and you are left with a void in your soul, even without knowing it.

Revolt from the Heart

When you find your core truth, it becomes impossible to not express it. Such is the beauty of the universe that mirrors your heart to you if you consciously ask for it. Find your singing truth.

What makes you incredibly happy? We all want to expand but how do you want to expand? There are many paths to expansion and we all have to find our own paths. For some of us, learning the art of forgiveness will cause expansion, while for some, learning the ways to love will cause expansion.

The best way to know how your soul wants to expand is to observe repeating patterns in your life. Over the course of your life, what all situations did you end up in and in all those situations, what would your higher self like to do the most? In this answer, lies the wisdom to your expansion.

Once you are aligned with the core sounds of your heart, manifestation and synchronicity won’t be something that would cause you frustration but would put you in ultimate harmony with the universe. Here, you will experience a sense of love and gratitude that would be so different from the fleeting hedonism of the modern-day lifestyle.

Here, you will find unconditional love for yourself.

“The future enters into us, in order to transform itself in us, long before it happens.” ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

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Take Care of Yourself

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Garima Roy
Garima Roy
Garima Roy, as a sentient being, loves to explore the world with her mind, heart, and soul. Joy is her natural state. You can get in touch with her on:
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