11 Ways to Expand Your Consciousness

“It’s not the world that needs to change – it’s our consciousness we must raise” ~ Rasheed Ogunlaru

Raising your consciousness gives you power to create a happier and fulfilling life. It’s about opening yourself to newer possibilities, reconnecting with your inner self, embracing the divine within you and most importantly, free yourself from the pain and suffering that has been holding you down.

It is a beautiful journey towards becoming more conscious in all aspects of your life. Heightened consciousness breaks the walls of perception, perceived reality, and false beliefs.ways to raise consciousness

Here are 11 ways to raise your consciousness.

1) Find yourself

Once Allen Ginsberg said, “Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.”

To find yourself first learn about yourself. Finding the real you is an enlightening experience; you are not what the society has told you to be, or the titles given to you. Don’t try to be anybody else, and live in these false illusions. Falseness is a confused loop – a temporary shelter that lowers your consciousness.

You can’t hide there for a long period of time because there is no peace in living this way. Cut your ties with falsehood. Being honest with your self raises your consciousness. Don’t choose to be a canvas, rather be the painter.

starstuffponderingstarstuff2) Observe and reflect

Have the courage to observe and reflect. Some people choose ignorance that lowers their consciousness eventually. Internal reflection will certainly help you better understand your thoughts, emotions, and provide clarity in your current life situation.

It is an important step towards growth. Acknowledge your problems and seek solutions. Meditation is a good way to start the process, even for 20 minutes daily will make a difference in your state of consciousness.

3) Be compassionate

10003490_613215808770885_649163302_n“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” ~ John Holmes

Practicing compassion can be one of the single most powerful exercises for boosting your level of consciousness. Compassion is an ability to acknowledge the emotional state of our fellow human beings. Several studies prove that people who practice compassion experience constant change in their brain and respond positively to stress.

Being compassionate towards yourself and others also helps you to not only forgive the other person but also overcome your own negative thoughts or emotions.

4) Don’t hold onto your past experience or your expectations

Understand the power of now and live in the present. Get absorbed into the current moment. Let go of the wretched feelings and negative emotions. Watch your pattern of being trapped into the past, and then break that pattern. Start doing something that makes you happy. Looking at the world from the window of your past is cheating on yourself. Your present is seeking you. Allow your mind to be conscious of the present.


5) Keep your ego in check

Ego is a small portion of the whole being. Consciousness is the higher self. Scientists have proven the fact that your consciousness never dies. Ego is like an infection to the consciousness, a hindrance that blocks the growth of consciousness. But it’s curable. Ego doesn’t let you take conscious decisions. Keep asking yourself – is it the real you or is it the ego that’s talking?

6) Destroy blockages

There are multiple blockages in your mind that act as an obstruction to attain a higher level of consciousness. Being judgmental towards the self and others, your inability to forgive, having trouble accepting the reality or past emotional blocks that has been suppressed within your subconscious. It exists like a barrier in your mind which you have to break down. Set yourself free from all emotional and energetic blockages. Break the walls. By doing so, you will cleanse the soul and your mind will start functioning at a higher frequency.

7) Spend time alone

spend-time-alone“The true life is not reducible to words spoken or written, not by anyone, ever. The true life takes place when we’re alone, thinking feeling, lost in memory, dreamingly self-aware, the submicroscopic moments.”- Don DeLillo, Point Omega

It is important to catch up with yourself. Most of us consider loneliness as a threat or an occasion to fret in the void. Spending time with yourself allows the inner self to speak to you. Follow that voice. It’s your inner voice talking. Go on a walk to listen to your own thoughts, give gratitude for everything that you have in your life, listen to music, or get involved in a hobby that inspires you.

8) Step out of your comfort zone

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” ~ Neale Donald Walsch

Step out of your comfort zone and into the discomfort of uncertainty. You never know what it holds for you. Get imaginative. Unravel new layers of your existence. Don’t feed your fear of falling or making a mistake. There is a lesson behind each stumble and fall. If you don’t stretch your comfort zone, you’ll never learn that lesson.

9) Love

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against It.” ~ Rumi

thoreau-300x293Some say love is a drive. Some say love is a vibration. The truth of the matter is that love cannot be labeled. It is far more sacred than these labels. Allow yourself to receive love and give love whole-heartedly and unconditionally to yourself and others. And in that whole-heartedness, you experience your consciousness expanding. You feel the bliss all around you.

10) Embrace nature

Connect with nature, the rustling leaves, colourful flowers, majestic trees, ever-changing clouds and fluid water. Be grateful for the nature around you because in time spent in nature never gees wasted. Feel a deep sense of peace and oneness within, and in that feeling lies the answers you seek.

11) Meditation and Exercise

Meditation opens up a direct link between yourself and the higher realms of consciousness. Simple meditation has tremendous benefits for the mind, body and soul. It can help you connect with your self, restore balance in your thoughts and emotions, lower stress and raise your vibrations, brings joy and clarity.

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Many of our aspects hold back witihin us. They do not recognize the daily incarnation environment of our present incarnation. Doing and failing are not the ‘riight’ words. For then,one already expects to fail, for one gives oneself the ‘space’ for it. when you write: stretch your comfortzone,it could also mean: make your confortzone larger. To step out of it is to say: I AM. Then, your new identity can come in, instead of the carefully pasted together old identity that is a composition of many aspects that cling on to your present incarnation. One needs to let in the… Read more »

Last edited 10 months ago by Mika

Hi, I love your blog and agree wholeheartedly. I know this may seem like an awkward question but in the image above… the one with the person meditating. What is that green looking entity? When I was coming down from my meditation/shamanic journey I saw that eye watching me as I was leaving. I tried to look it up online but couldn’t find any answers.

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