Evolving Our Language to Match a 5D Reality

The Structure of Learning

I am using information I received years ago as an instructor pilot and adding insights received during these amazing times of growth and awakening. We are becoming more adept every day at reaching and connecting with other levels and realms. We are engaging in telepathy, clearing global karma and seeing our multi-dimensionality.

Our shifts and the integration are demanding more of us both physically and emotionally. We work so hard to reach these vibratory states. How do we bring these energies and insights into this 3D reality? We are raising and connecting.

We are walking our talk. It is time to talk our walk and it is time to bring these 4D and 5D energies into manifestations that can reflect the new vision into this 3D reality. It is time to become fully conscious of our speech and the inherent duality built into language.

There are four basic 3D and 4D levels of learning.


The first level is ROTE, which is 3D. Rote is when we can spout words, numbers or symbols from memory. Most of us can do this with ease and little understanding. We used this level in school.

Garbage in, garbage out, is what I called it. This is a baseline knowing and requires no thought or exploration. The spouting of empty words. We have very little or no understanding of the concepts expressed.


The second level of learning is understanding, which is 3D. Understanding is when we begin to grasp a concept but it doesn’t have any real depth. I know my ABC’s and that they are letters, and may have a clue about how to spell or recognize words but I may not fully grasp their meanings or how to construct sentences with them.


The third level is application. This is also primarily a 3D function. The ability to take something from ‘rote’ to ‘understanding’ is not the ability to ‘apply’ it. It is a deeper knowing of a concept and the ability to apply it in the situation the concept was meant to address. I know my ABC’s and can spell and recognize words. I can string words into a sentence. This is a much better and rounded approach but it is not ‘Mastery.’


The fourth step is correlation. The ability to take knowledge and integrated insight from one’s past experiences and recognize their similarities to a current experience; thus applying the concept in diverse and dynamic ways.

I can now form sentences, recognize and express plurals and tenses in dynamic settings and I can now write prose and poetry. This is an expansion of a higher level of comprehension culminating in productive actions in navigating one’s reality.

This can be both 3D and 4D in function. This can be seen as “mastery” in some 3D realities. For example, having the ability to clone animals, but no moral sense of the implications. This is not mastery!


I have found a fifth level to this process. It is embodiment. This is the ability to take these concepts that work and resonate and internalize them. No longer is it a prepared action to perform. It becomes part of one’s essence in expression in 3D.

When a concept is brought from rote, memorization, to understanding, application, then correlation, with deep process and an abiding internal mechanism, it is no longer an action separate from self. It is an expression of Soul. This is the next step in language and manifesting the higher expressions here. This is “Mastery!” It is time to MASTER our words.

Duality in language

Let’s explore the duality of the English language. I am monolinguistic unfortunately, but I am sure these types of patterns and nuances color all languages. It is the nature of the beast. Most of us are familiar with many syncronicities in the English language.

L-I-V-E spelled backwards is EVIL. LIVED spelled backwards is DEVIL. The word ATONEMENT in its essence is At-One-Ment and an amazing vibration. TOGETHER is To-Get-Her. DISEASE is in essence vibrationally is Dis-Ease.

Words are vibrations. And when spoken consistently and with intention, it has the capacity to shift energy and blocks within the individual’s field of influence and that of the collective as well. What language do you use with yourself and others? What are your “go to” words? And how dualistic is your speech?

Eliminate “SHOULD”

The word SHOULD, by Wikipedia definition, is used to indicate obligation, duty, or correctness, typically when criticizing someone’s actions: “He should have been careful.” This is no longer a viable word for the evolving vision.

This word is vibrationally riddled with judgement, a baseline 3D expression. Should is a projection of one individual’s reality as a backlash onto oneself or a projection onto another and is purely subjective.

It fosters division and duality. Watch your words. How often do you use “should” when conversing with others or with yourself? This is an excellent exercise in determining the amount of judgement one is still holding in their personal paradigms.

Instead of re-acting in a 3D way and saying, “He/She/I should have done this or that,” or “She/I/He should do this” Explore and observe your actions and your speech about these dynamics.

Eliminate “TRY”

The word TRY, by Wikipedia definition is an effort to accomplish something; an attempt: “Mitterrand was elected president on his third try.” Try feeds the duality of this paradigm. It reflects vibrationally a win/lose or pass/fail mentality.

This is what we are leaving behind, duality and the illusion of ego concepts. We do not try as awakened beings, we are being and doing. We are our highest possible expression in every moment. It is not pass/fail or win/lose.

It is an unfolding to multi-dimensionality. Of course there are corrections and adjustments. But, moving forward the old paradigms are dissolving and the language that supports them must go too. Instead, use affirmations like, “I’ll do my best.” “I will explore this.” Find words that reflect inspiration as opposed to enforcing the old models of dualistic expression.

Eliminate “Want”

THE word WANT, by Wikipedia definition is a lack or deficiency of something: “Victorian houses which are in want of repair.”

This is a low 3D vibration. It permeates the collective consciousness and promotes fear. It is no longer valid in the evolving vision. To send want to Source is a convoluted message. It implies lower, baseline lack and reinforces 3D antiquated paradigms.

It communicates an absence in experience and is a synonym for SHOULD. This 3D term indicates one’s alignment being outside the natural flow and a lack of faith in an amazing process.

To want is to not have. To want is to always strive because wanting often is a closed loop and to state, “I want…”, when requested from Source is not having, but requesting the experience of wanting to have.

Instead state affirmations towards goals which is a high vibratory expression. To replace “I want” with “I am” is being and doing to reach one’s goals; not from a sense of lack or absence, but from a heart-felt sense of growth and expansion.

These are a few examples of the duality in our language. Some words actually promote negativity and fuel the “lack” paradigm. Take a still moment and utter the word “need,” and see how your body responds energetically. You will find many that resonate and many that don’t.

I addressed these words in particular because they are driving energetics in the collective at this time. We have embraced the higher frequencies and are doing the work to integrate and elevate our individual human consciousness in the realms and levels around us.

It is time to align our speech with the 5D vision and bring our 5D awareness to this 3D matrix. It is time to change the duality paradigm and how we communicate on all levels; time to bring this higher wisdom to embodiment and all our expressions here.

Every word and every way it is expressed reflects the evolving reality and impacts our field and the collective. Words help us hold the space in this matrix. Choose them carefully.

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Leslie Jo Thornton Cheshire
Leslie Jo Thornton Cheshire
I am a psychic and intuitive energy healer and educator. I choose no external source and instead I follow a deep and abiding inner guidance. I know we all have an internal structure and we are wired to grow in experience. I first connected with Source at the age of seven. Having attended a few Sunday school classes on Okinawa. There were no churches to attend. And my parents held no religious beliefs. As a child, it occurred to me that Source wasn't something outside of myself. I have been told from the beginning, “You are the last one.” “You are the last one, and when you get it... it is done.” I didn't understand this for many years. And developed a view of experience in all it's diversity. I now understand that this is to be my last lifetime. And a summary of sorts. The entire spectrum of human emotion. I have lived and walked many paths. All of them with a perspective of how fleeting emotion is and how immutable our core essence is. How we allow our emotional worlds to change and warp our journey here. And have found avenues to recognizing and understanding the emotional body as it reflects in the physical form and manifestation in our 3D matrix.
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