Leslie Jo Thornton Cheshire

Leslie Jo Thornton Cheshire
I am a psychic and intuitive energy healer and educator. I choose no external source and instead I follow a deep and abiding inner guidance. I know we all have an internal structure and we are wired to grow in experience. I first connected with Source at the age of seven. Having attended a few Sunday school classes on Okinawa. There were no churches to attend. And my parents held no religious beliefs. As a child, it occurred to me that Source wasn't something outside of myself. I have been told from the beginning, “You are the last one.” “You are the last one, and when you get it... it is done.” I didn't understand this for many years. And developed a view of experience in all it's diversity. I now understand that this is to be my last lifetime. And a summary of sorts. The entire spectrum of human emotion. I have lived and walked many paths. All of them with a perspective of how fleeting emotion is and how immutable our core essence is. How we allow our emotional worlds to change and warp our journey here. And have found avenues to recognizing and understanding the emotional body as it reflects in the physical form and manifestation in our 3D matrix.

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