Understanding the Cyclic Patterns of Our Existence According to Rudolf Steiner – Part 2

The Sixth Cycle Ages 35 to 42: A Time of Challenge and Crises

If I believe that I am what this world makes of me,
there is nothing I can do.
In such a situation I will not, of course,
be able to prevent the destruction of the planet.
But if I think originally,
each one of us is, or could be-
Independent of the world situation –
namely an autonomous human being,
responsible to the world and for the world,
then there is, of course, a great deal I can do.
~ Vaclav Hável

By the age of 35 the physical body has reached his full development and laid a strong foundation for us. From a certain perspective we are now poised at the midway point of our life. We have descended most deeply into our incarnation as compared to the earlier septennials (Part 1).

The phases of our life up to that point were like a deep breath, taking in the cosmos, nature, our environment, education, knowledge and so on.

Gradually we feel secure and at home in our work and home environments. We are able to realize on earth what we have brought with us in our “I” as intentions, motifs and missions from the sphere before birth. We make increasing use of our inner resources, of the capabilities which we have brought with us or acquired and we are sure of our path of further development.

The Christ forces which we have assimilated in the previous seven-year period help us to develop true brotherliness, tolerance and respect towards other people. But the life phase which we have entered also has its negative aspects: We can become great egotists and dictators at this age. Every person’s biographical development contains the danger that he or she may turn into a mini-Napoleon.

We have to fight against egotism during this time and in this too we are helped by tolerance and a positive attitude towards others. In many lecturers, Rudolf Steiner speaks of the things which can only come to appearance after the age of 35.

A receptive attitude gradually turns into one which gives to the world. Our spirit is no longer concerned with our physical and soul development. It is increasingly liberated to strive into the future. Steiner said that this period could best be described by the metaphor of a man or woman leading a horse by the reins. The spirit is emerging and is starting to take charge of our lives.

We’re now living in the phase which Rudolf Steiner called the phase of the consciousness soul. We observe things in a clearer and more critical fashion. The danger exists, however, that our life becomes nothing more than habit and frequently we experience a feeling of emptiness.

We have now reached the age of 37. We experience an impulse to leave the past behind us and the urge to adopt new values and new standards. Many women start a job or return to a university at this point. Men sometimes change their jobs at this age in order to begin to complete their life’s task.

Those who have become paying attention to their dreams feel the need to change something in their life.

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Image Sources:
Cycle of Life by Nieko Art

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