One of the Hardest Parts of Narcissistic Abuse is, the Continuous Overwhelming Sadness Victims Feel

Chronic Sadness And Narcissistic Abuse
One of the hardest parts of narcissistic abuse is, the continuous overwhelming sadness victims feel. There is this chronic painful feeling of sadness that seems to have no end. Not just because of the loss of the relationship. But because you would never treat another human like that. There is this deep sorrow almost like the emotions of a child, who feels unloved, neglected and unimportant and thrown away. There is something about narcissistic abuse that brings you to your knees. They treat you like you don’t matter, you don’t count, and you are nothing. It’s that feeling of being left behind and unwanted. It is the sadness of knowing people like this exist. It’s the sadness that they really don’t care. It’s the sadness that you met a person who has no ability to love and most definitely did not love you. And it’s the sadness that this is your reality, and you part of the many people who have unfortunately experienced and are privy to narcissistic abuse.
~ Maria Consiglio

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Hari Quoter
Hari Quoter
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