The Middle Path: Life in Balance and How to Balance Yours

Have you spent time ever pondering about what the meaning of life is? What about the kind of life we’re living?

Robin Hill Sr. said, “My goal is to build a life I don’t need a vacation from.”

Is it really possible to have a life that is like a vacation? If you have old parents or children to look after, various responsibilities or commitments that are unavoidable, wouldn’t a vacation be a form of escapism?

The Middle Path

What I personally feel is that we need to create a mindset that allows us to actually “live life.” “Live life,” is different from existing and watching life go by, live life does not mean partying till the sun comes up and setting your mood with a variety of uppers and downers, nor does it mean sucking the marrow out of every minute of your existence.

But living life for me is just to become one with the moment, sounds clichéd? Hear me out. Throughout our journey, we have the opportunity to ride the storm of travesties, and we equally have the chance to ride the wave of success.

In the above diagram, the good times and bad times come up as we journey towards the end of the physical. There is this interesting Buddhist philosophy known as the Madhyamā Pratipad (Middle Way), where one journeys through life by walking the middle path, where you avoid the extremes.

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The Middle Way by Carrie MaKenna

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A Psychonaut who believes that humans have tremendous unharnessed powers within. To be immersed in the boundless gifts of nature and being self-sufficient is my Ikigai. With years of web tech experience, I founded and maintain Fractal Enlightenment.


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Beatrice Achieng

This is so good 👍

Lisa Neal

This came to me today, at such a perfect time💜 I am so grateful 💜 I love this website and your articles💜 Namaste 🙏🏼💜🙏🏼


Thank you Lisa 🙂

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