Archetypal Phases of Women and How it Aligns with the Moon Cycles

Everything in nature flows in a rhythmic manner – the rising and the setting sun, day and night, different seasons, our own heartbeat and breath follow a certain rhythm. These rhythms are a part of us, guiding us in our daily activity.

The modern day lifestyle has pushed us out of our natural rhythm, as we are embroiled in the struggles of life, always scampering to catch deadlines. Why should our rhythm be dictated by a continuous 40-hour work time, 5 days a week? Does this correspond to our biological anatomy and natural human rhythm?

The divine connection

In the Neolithic time in Europe and the great first civilisations in Sumer, Egypt, and also other tribal traditions around the globe, the ancestors believed that women’s anatomy represented Mother Earth, who is incarnated in a physical human body. 

Women were called life givers‘ in some dialects from Native American traditions. They reflected the whole cycle of life and death on Earth, and they were therefore totally cyclical in their nature; living and experiencing different energies during their menstruation cycle. Their rites of blood passage were venerated and considered sacred, as they followed the rhythm of the Moon. 

Plants and the Moon

Just how plants are in sync with the cycle of the Moon, so are women connected to this mystical force. Plants follow this magical process: during new Moon the sap is located in the roots and then the plant gathers all the Energy to reinforce its structure and inner chemistry. 

When the moon is in waxing phase, the sap goes up through the trunk and moves upwards towards the leaves. It is being regenerated and charging itself with new nutrients. During full moon, the sap is in the leaves, so that the plant glows with nutrients and vitality. Afterwards, in the waning phase, the sap is slowly moves downwards again until the new moon and the process starts again. 

Women have the same magic inside their bodies, following the same process as the plants. Women feel different in every phase: a different mood, different energy, different emotions. This is where a business-oriented lifestyle can be hard to maintain, as it generates a lot of pressure on an emotional level. 

Many times, period pain is actually related to emotional issues. The problem in our society is that we don’t respect our own rhythm given to us by Mother Nature. Maybe painkillers could not be the best option, but knowing and understanding more of our own cyclical nature and living more according to it will benefit. 

A woman can bleed during New Moon, Full Moon or any other time in between. None is better than the other. 

Bleeding during New Moon has more of motherly‘ energies and bleeding during Full Moon has more of priestess‘ energies, on very general terms. 

Every month during a whole cycle, we experience 4 different types of energies, related to our hormones and biology of course. Explained from an emotional and psychological point of view, we call these phases the four archetypes of the menstruating Goddess. 

The four archetypes of the menstruating Goddess. 

“In order to reclaim our full selves, to integrate each of these aspects through which we pass over the course of our lives, we must first learn to embrace them though our cycles.” ~ Lucy H. Pearce 

Moon Time: Harness the Ever-Changing Energy of Your Menstrual Cycle

Energies of the Maiden: 

This is the period corresponding to the week after the menstruation time. These energies are dynamic, radiant, where the woman is now recharged with energy, ambition; she has great capacity of focus and concentration. 

This is a great phase to start new projects and focus on being productive. It feels like a time of celebration and joy, and also a time of focusing on herself as priority and fulfilling her wishes. Her sexuality is rejuvenated, wanting to enjoy and also be part of social events, looking for new people to share her adventure with. 

Energies of the Mother: 

This corresponds to the ovulation phase. During this time the energies are still dynamic but more focused on the external world and the willingness to help others – a characteristic of motherhood. She radiates an energy in a way that people would come to her for help and support. In this phase, she is not focused on herself as priority, but she radiates love and harmony to the people she loves. She takes responsibility for projects, and people, and nurtures them. Her sexuality is about caring and giving during this phase. 

“Mother energy is universal. It is the large expression of the sacred feminine that comes from spirit. It is embodied in all our biological mothers, but it is not limited or confined to them.” ~ Elaine Seiler

Multi-Dimensional You: Exploring Energetic Evolution

Energies of the Enchantress: 

After ovulation phase and when she did not get pregnant is a time to go inwards. On a personal level, she will focus more on being alone and taking time for herself. 

On an emotional and spiritual level she feels more connected to the mysteries of the world, she feels artistic and creative, and her intuition starts to grow and guide her. 

During this time, the capacity to focus diminish, and she will act more according to feelings and impulses. She also feels more sexual just for the purpose of her own pleasure. 

Energies of the Witch/Shaman: 

This is the phase during menstruation. This is the peak time for intuition, for spiritual practices and inner visions, dreams and going deep in her inner world as a portal between dimensions. 

It was during this time that women used to gather together in what was called the ‘red tent’ in many ancient tribes where they would bleed together to ask the spirit world for visions and relevant information for their tribe, like plant medicines, cures for illnesses and warning of future invaders. 

During this time she feels the deepest connection to nature. It is a time to reflect, to meditate and rest from the agitated rhythm of life. It is a time to let go of wounds from the past and start preparing for the future and the new phase. 

With so many things happening during a single month inside our bodies, maybe it is time for society to adjust to a rhythm where women can still do their work, and yet listen to their bodies and start remembering and appreciating their innate nature and their qualities. 

By doing so, we can be better maidens, mothers, enchantress and witches instead of trying always to be one certain type of woman accepted by society standards. 

“She dances with the Moon and swims with the tides, for when the Darkness arrives she is still the ruler of Waters” ~ Elisa Glezvalle

Image Source:

Art by Erika Petunoviene AYTE

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