7 Theories From the Afterlife to Enlighten You

The afterlife is a mystery; one which could take hours to unravel. The afterlife has been written about by many thinkers over the past century, or at least, there have been insights and reports about it.

Reports of interviews with God, guides, and glimpses of heaven. It is limited, in a way, how much we know. And how much does our entertainment industry, the FBI and the CIA know about it? How much, and what do the governments and royal families of the world know?

A very fascinating subject, here are 7 Theories from the Afterlife to Enlighten You:

We have come here to learn

One thing we’ll be doing when we continue on, is reflect on our learning. Inner and outer, everything we have come here to learn, and also wish to learn in the future. We have come here to learn many things.

How to be tougher for earth, because earth is tough, how to look out for one self, but also how to support our families, and others. How to have compassion and connect with the higher love if we wish to be enlightened, how to connect with nature or come in to society, if we do so wish.

We thirst for experiences, and it’s what we are here for. Do we choose, or do we get sucked in to our own karma? Does karma even exist, or are we just tricked, with mind blocks to overcome? Do we experience to overcome something, or do we experience something because it’s who we are?

When we die, do our souls reflect with a guide, or do they do it alone? Do we get to choose where we incarnate, or is it chosen for us? Are we forced, or is it all our choice?

We are thwarted

This is a depressing one, but in a capitalist society, is a very real issue. The game is to get thwarted, and overcome it. Governments thwart us, or the powers that be, to stop us. If the game is to help others, then that is what we’re here for, and we often don’t get to do what we want.

The theory goes that we must work, and there are also many others who have different opinions which collide with ours, thus we get thwarted.

The real world, or the material world, is full of thwarting, and it’s tough. Thus, governments, who want workers, thwart our plans to become enlightened. They also make it something we must deserve, another theory being that it’s all part of the higher love, and negativity is something we must fight against to make us stronger so that we may join the whole.

Is becoming enlightened switching out of the computer program, or is it a part of the computer program? A code which is fed to us because we beat the system, and thus deserve it ultimately, going on to somewhere else, or another level when we complete that level. And of course there are levels of enlightenment.

Is the ultimate one even allowed any more? Or were Buddha and Jesus, for example, just their unique imprint which happened to forge religions? The current enlightened beings on the planet are just as beautiful.

We get rests

Our heavens, and where we go to, are also a mystery. We may get rushes of them as we live; glimpses which send shivers down our spines. There are also much needed rests, where souls get overwrought and overwhelmed, and need rest.

Dependent on which kind of lightworker you are, if you are a karmic one, then your rest time may need to be significantly longer than others. If you have experienced thwarting during a lifetime, then you may need a break.

Or, perhaps you only need a little while. Perhaps you are being kept from a lifetime as punishment, for not following the government’s rules, and promising to work, and so your rest is unappreciated and unwelcome.

Our heavens may be particularly beautiful, and places we don’t want to leave. Do we get to choose when we are ready, or are there lifetimes which are made ready for us, and we must go whether we are ready or not?

We choose enlightenment or fame

This is obvious when it comes to who is in the world and coverts fame and fortune, compared with probably most of the readers, who are choosing the path of enlightenment. Fame are those who are in steady jobs, who see famous people and secretly desire to be them.

Enlightened are those who stay on the peripheries of society and work in jobs such as teaching yoga or running retreats. They are those who dream of paradise on earth; communities where we are happy, and don’t damage the earth.

For those on the Enlightenment path, it can be a time of great thwarting, as this path is the hardest. Governments will do anything to knock you off the path. They are also fair and only give you what you are able to cope with, or is that a theory too?

The path on the side of fame, once someone is chosen as the most dominant, is to help support them, and helping others as nurses, and paramedics is at the top of this. At the top of the path to enlightenment is obvious, but being close to a guru, or being an aid worker are roles on the way to this path.

We are unique

We are unique, but our paths may have been done before. If each moment in time is unique, then so are we. Every decision, every minute emotion or action is unique, and we have come here to shine our light to others. We are all a story, and the thwarting (unfortunately) makes it more so. Our imprints fluctuate, and move in surprising formations, so that we are constantly changing, and no moment is exactly the same.

Or are we? Perhaps we aren’t, and everyone is following the same, or similar paths to those before. If we are weak, then we get bashed along, and don’t do anything new, or get the opportunity to. What theory do you prefer?

We keep our families

If our families begin with us, then they stay with us. We start with the same family as we have now. Sure, some souls leave us and aren’t with us in every lifetime. But they are our rocks, and we should support them. We may feel closer to some more than others, and we have known them for a long time.

We keep our families and must put up with them. They may be horrible, or just not like us. Do we wait with them in the afterlife? Are they a part of our heavens? Or do we separate and come back together when we must?

Are our partners included in our family, and do we have the same partners life after life, or do we find them in one lifetime and they become our family? There are many possibilities.

We grow old, but seek those who are older

We may be young, we may be old, but we always seek out those who are older than us. Eager to learn, we wish to learn more, and are hungry for it. We may feel like old souls, but actually we are new.

There is a theory that the old souls on earth are aid workers; they help only, and if that’s not what you do, then you’re probably new. Thus, we always seek those who are older to guide us. Being with those who are the same age may aggravate and irritate, as they serve as a mirror. But the mirror may be false, and a method used to thwart and to keep us down. We are not narcissistic, bad or jealous, but loving and kind at the heart of it.

7 Theories from the afterlife, which may have changed your perceptions. Or did you already know? And do you agree with them? The afterlife holds many secrets for us to discover, many of which are not even listed here. Never mind all the sorting and bureaucracy that takes place back there. How much do we know here on earth? … Quite a lot.

Please share, it really helps! :) <3

Lauren Simpson-Green, who has had quite a few life-affirming spiritual experiences already, now passes her days trying to master one of the most challenging and rewarding spiritual experiences of all; being a mother to two children. Based in Devon, UK, she spends the rest of her time working on a children's book, practising yoga and making wool fairies and gnomes for her daughter's school fayres.
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