6 Signs You Are An Old Soul

‘Your body shining like a mountain of gold, is the home of immeasurable power’ ~ Krishna Das

I sort of hate it when I see such a thing on the internet that questions whether you’re an old soul or not. In one way, it makes my skin crawl. As does all the times other people smugly announced that they had once been told, that they are an old soul. As if that somehow makes them better and wiser than the next person.

Before it first dawned on me that we have many lives, I found myself assuming that I was probably young in every sense of the word, and this new label complimented (or exacerbated) the already long list of reason to detest myself.

I’ve come to realize, that any-one who says such a thing to another is invariably using it to flatter them, usually to get want they want, and that is clearly manipulative and above all, highly un-spiritual.

For those who are new to the concept of an ‘old soul’ and even karma, it’s the trap you keep falling into. And much, much more complex than that is how you have chosen to ‘repay it’.

Many people may think this is an outrageous way to describe karma, but I remember quite clearly as a child receiving the message that this is how it works. Perhaps repay is the wrong word to use.

Complete the cycle would be a more accurate way of describing it, and serve as an apt and gentle reminder to enjoy the journey. Because when it’s over, it’s over.

Eternal salvation and ceaseless bliss sound good, but I can guarantee that when you get there you’ll look back and wish you’d enjoyed the suffering more. I am of course being tongue-in-cheek. But in a way, it’s true.

old soulAs for the title of this piece, there’s much debate amongst those who believe in reincarnation, as to whether

A) Everyone is as ‘old’ as everyone else having left the Source at the same time, or that we are of varying ages and whether

B) We have varying earth lives but our souls are essentially the same age. There is also a belief in the spiritual community that we should avoid the idea of past lives altogether, as it only celebrates the ego, and that in order to progress we should stick to honoring the here and now.

However, sticking to purely intuitive forces (science completely supports it – think energy can never die), we may begin to delve into the reasons you arrived at the past life doorbell.

Here are some signs you are ready to confront the idea of your-self existing beyond what you see before you. And whether it’s an over-active imagination or a phenomenon of the universe may never be revealed to you, but then some mysteries are best left unsolved:

1) You are interested in, or keep hearing the terms Past Lives, Reincarnation, or Old Soul.

Just as the universe reveals signs to you in waking life and throughout your dreams as to the answer to your prayers and the codes to cracking the game you are playing on earth and whether you’re hitting the right buttons or not, so does it hint to the next stage of manifestation.

As you increase your awareness; questioning, reading, meeting new and different people, and travelling for example, you will increasingly attract these kind of subjects. Just the very fact that you have been drawn to reading this article means, that you are one!


2) You have met an individual, or set of individuals, who you feel you understand without words.

I used to think We are One meant that we should turn a blind eye to the differences, and pretend we’re all the same. But, knowing how to accept that not everyone will blend with you (one of the hardest lessons we must learn, along with not everyone wants your help!) can aid us in our journey.

This life was chosen by you to learn a specific lesson, and part of that lesson attracts haters. In fact, they are usually the most helpful ones in moving us along and ensuring that we complete our mission.

Those that you do understand immediately may be of your tribe, as has been a popular term in the spiritual zeitgeist over the past few years, or they may simply understand your journey as they are treading the same path. And yes you have probably met them in a past life or two, if only to check in on each other’s progress.


3) There are some in your life who you can’t stand, but who seem to stick to you!

Contracts, agreements, all sounds very formal and white collar, but usually those very difficult relationships and parts of your life so far involve contracts designed to help to resolve your karma.

“What you resist, persists” means that those uncomfortable and deeply hurtful episodes are the universe mirroring back to you what remains unresolved.

If it doesn’t become resolved in your interactions with the triggering person, then the energy will be carried over to the next interaction. You can’t run away from it and the more you do, the worse it will get. In a world with stories and myths packed with slaying dragons and battling the bad guy, it’s no wonder this is difficult for us to grasp.

I always tell my children to cuddle their monsters. Not just face them, but love them, embrace them. As the root of all other religions teaches, the only way to win is through feeling compassion for your enemy and treating them as you would like to be treated.

4) You have suffered more than most other people you know. (By the way victimhood and martyrdom can often be a sign you’re an old soul)

Being an old soul or a soul at this stage of the journey (be it linear, cyclical, parallel, fractal…) can be incredibly lonely. The paradox seems to read like this: you’ve suffered because of your ‘age’; the time on this earth and the greater the weight of karma is behind you, yet your weight of karma actually increases your potential for expansion and spiritual knowledge.

The more you suffer, the lonelier you get. Oh, wouldn’t it be so easy just to live another resting life; one that those you envy are probably experiencing. Where everything goes smoothly, and you get exactly what you want?

Even in line with the law of attraction, your higher self is going to attract suffering if it means you awaken more quickly and effectively! Great, another reason to loathe yourself! That really was a joke. The lighter and more you take it on the chin, the better you can enjoy this experience. Because it isn’t going to last forever.

5) You get flashbacks/forwards to other times.

Man-Face-Photo-Photoshop-ManipulationThis can be particularly odd, and can manifest itself in the form of phobias, which regressive hypnosis often confronts, disease and pains, literally feeling ‘at war’ with others, recognizing other’s jealousy and backbiting as being easily translated in another time, as well as actually experiencing cognizant and clairvoyant visions.

Many people report that they hate having things around their necks having been hung by them in past lives for example, and many get flashes of the future; of helping other amongst chaos and disaster. Although this may also be a vision of the potential of self.

6) You have an inner knowing that you must help others.

In closing, you are ready to step up into a place where you take responsibility for your past, build an awareness of these lifetimes and how they are effecting this one, but most of all you are ready to dissolve them and come into your personal power.

There’s nothing stopping you now, and your higher self knows it! You are being given the challenge to see life for what it is; an illusion and matrix of energies curling eagerly towards the light.

So if you recognize one or all of these get ready, you are an amazing shining light who is coming into their immense power in order to actively tie off the threads of past karma and begin to help all those around you. You have much potential and are only just beginning to scratch the surface. Good luck!

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Lauren Simpson-Green, who has had quite a few life-affirming spiritual experiences already, now passes her days trying to master one of the most challenging and rewarding spiritual experiences of all; being a mother to two children. Based in Devon, UK, she spends the rest of her time working on a children's book, practising yoga and making wool fairies and gnomes for her daughter's school fayres.
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