Lilya Sabatier

Lilya Sabatier
Lilya Sabatier is a multi-passionate, flawed human being. She offers: shamanic healing concerts & circles, body breath therapy, holistic yoga classes, one-on-one and group emotional awareness coaching, as well as local and international women's experiences - all dedicated to helping women find more acceptance and live their own myth. She also enjoys writing and pondering on different ideas, all related to 'what it means to be human'. She creates humane video content and is one of the founders of RainbowCake - a community platform and way of life based on "I am because we are". She loves compassion in action, dissecting human behavior, nature, animals, quality time with friends, deep conversations, travel, music, synchronicities, interacting with new people, learning, growing, unlearning, provoking, the ocean, the sunshine... Find her on Instagram (@lilyasabatier / @rainbowcakeglobal )

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