5 Earthing Ceremonies to Enhance Your Connection with the Earth

“The Earth is alive and contains the knowledge you seek. It is your consciousness that determines what it reveals. How to access this knowledge? And where are the keys to open it and make it yours? The Earth speaks. Love her, honor and respect her and she will reveal her secrets.” ~ Barbara Marciniak

The Earth is a beautiful organism which, at its core, is peaceful and benevolent, with earth codes and rainbow codes which speak to ancient realms. She is ancient, and we mustn’t forget that.

But far from being an old crone, she is actually beautiful, and having rituals holding Mother earth in the center of your practice, will deepen your connection with her.

While you visualise her during these earthing ceremonies, you can visualise her as a beautiful goddess in the center of the earth, or perhaps putting her arms around the earth as a mountain or ocean.

Here are 5 earthing ceremonies to enhance your connection with Earth. During these ceremonies, don’t forget to open, and close your circle.

Go into the center of the earth (For crystal children)

Place one clear quartz, one white candle, and some greenery around the candle. Light the candle and say these words.

Earth and Moon, come down soon

Guide Us to your greatly boon


Using your crystals, journey into the center of the earth, and set them spraying. Create stalagmites and stalactites with them; giants that will live forever in her divine center. Spend however long you’d like down there, receiving any messages she’d like to give you. Extinguish the candle, and say a closing prayer to the earth, thanking her for all of her divine wisdom.

Wombing Ceremony (For indigos)

Place one purple candle in the center with a bowl of water and wash cloth.

earthing ceremonies to enhance your connection with earth

Journey to the center of the earth, and see a cave with whatever you want in there. See the great earth mother curled up in there, waiting to be born.

Wait for her to speak to you, and hear her message. What does she want the earth to do now? Where does she want the earth to go, in which direction? What message does she have for humankind?

Write it all down on a piece of paper with a sparkly purple pen, and thank her. Journey back to the surface, and wash the cloth, washing your face and arms, chest and stomach, as if you have just been born. Close the circle and always be mindful of your own birth, and know you are here for a reason.

Water Ceremony (For water sprites)

One blue candle, a bowl with some water with clear quartz crystals in it on an altar. Light the candle.


Find a place on the earth, preferably with a waterfall, and jungle, and be at peace there. Drink in the sun, warm yourself on a rock, and watch the insects. Watch the waterfall and maybe walk through it. Watch the water stream down and swim in the pool. Feel the water warm around you and be at peace. Bless the water spirits, and sprites of the forest, and say this prayer.

Though my body is one with the water,

Bless this place and watery spirits here.

Put out your blue candle carefully, and collect the water. Place it under the full moon to cleanse it further, and use it as ceremony water. Dipping your fingers into it occasionally to cleanse yourself.

Green Earth Ceremony (For Earth Monkeys)

Find a jungle somewhere, or lush field and perform this ceremony here. Use lichen, ivy, ferns or daisies to create a nature mandala on the earth, and light one green or white candle in the center.


We are the children of the earth, we are the young ones.

We are the children of the earth, we are the heart ones.

As you dance around the mandala. If you have any flowers or leaves there, pluck one from the mandala and place it over your third eye. See into the center of the earth, journey to the forests. Feel the warm grass beneath your feet and the sun or wind on you and be grateful for the earth and her gifts.

Crystal Ceremony (For rainbows and crystals)

Sitting in the light from a window, wait for a day when there’s sun. Place a crystal stone or rainbow hanging in the window so the sun makes them dance around you.

Journey to the center of the earth, and place rainbows and crystals there.

Say these words.

Crystals rainbows, all delight

Guide me in my burning bright

Dance around, setting more crystals and rainbows around, and see the great divine mother in the center, waiting there, gradually unfurling and growing stronger. Say your peace to her, and say goodbye, journeying back and connecting to her throughout the day, and being kind to all women who cross your path throughout the day.

Whatever ceremony you choose, know that the earth has always loved you. She is always there for you, and she is strong and hardy. She is powerful and gaining strength having been weak for some time, but now, as an organism, will gain strength and regain her power as the earth to all of us.

Image source:

Mother Earth

Gaia by Geraldine Arata

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Lauren Simpson-Green, who has had quite a few life-affirming spiritual experiences already, now passes her days trying to master one of the most challenging and rewarding spiritual experiences of all; being a mother to two children. Based in Devon, UK, she spends the rest of her time working on a children's book, practising yoga and making wool fairies and gnomes for her daughter's school fayres.
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