Healing with Ayahuasca, The Sacred Vine: II

shaman in a healing ceremony
Shaman conducting a healing ceremony

The enlightening journey continues… In this second part of a woman’s recovery from Breast Cancer, you will see its profound impact on body, mind and soul, and the shamanistic rituals that have healed many from different illnesses.

The Miraculous Recovery

When Margaret de Wys returned back to New York, she checked with her doctor and found out that the cancer had disappeared and her breast was clear. I asked her views on alternative healing of cancer as compared to modern medicines, Margaret said, “People should seek traditional medicine as soon as possible.

Traditional bush doctors find it more effective to treat patients in the early stages of disease, the same as western doctors. Last resorts are at times effective in both treatment types, but it is always more difficult and the outcome less certain. Although, there have been several cases I’ve seen of late-stage healing, miraculous recoveries, when traditional medicine has been given.

ayahuasca healing ceremony
Ayahuasca Healing Ceremony

“Western medicine is great in saving lives and in crisis situations. I believe our modern technological culture can learn and benefit from aboriginal healing techniques. If patients had both natural medicine and modern technology available, it would be the best medical system possible. However, treatments for serious diseases are a very personal decision and are best left to the patient. I am not making a case for one modality over another. They are both good.”

pablo amaringo painting of his ayahuasca vision
Visionary artist Pablo Amaringo's painting of his vision on Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca takes a person into a profound state of altered consciousness, allowing them to go beyond their defence mechanisms into the depths of the unconscious mind. A person is not the same anymore after consuming the medicinal plant, it gives them a deeper understanding about oneself.

ayahuasca visions of Pablo Amaringo
Ayahuasca visions of Pablo Amaringo

Considering its potency and mind-expanding effects, Ayahuasca can completely wipe out a disease. Telling us more on the possibility of healing, Margaret said, “The Shuar healer I work with says he sees that each person has a life battery. He can see their life energy. If the person’s energy (which they are born with) is half used for instance, it means he can treat the disease and they will live, for them, a full life. If the energy on the battery signal is close to burning out, there is nothing any doctor can perform to extend their life.”

Take a look at this Ayahuasca ceremony, where the Shamans are chanting healing songs.

Another lovely video of Shaman’s chanting Ayahuasca songs, very peaceful.

The Trip to Amazon

carlos, amazon shaman healer
Carlos, the Powerful Shaman Healer from Peru

Margaret now has dedicated herself to create magical and powerful journeys for like-minded people. She takes small groups of 9 to 12 people to Ecuador to participate in healing ceremonies with the powerful healer, Carlos. He has conducted several successful healings over the years, where he has cured people of cancers, Lyme disease, diabetes, tuberculosis, heart disease, drug addiction, arthritis, gangrene, gastro-intestinal problems, leukemia, high cholesterol, systemic problems, traumas, kidney problems, neurological problems, and epilepsy to name a few.

This video shows the journey into the Amazonian jungle in search of the sacred vine

Ayahuasca provides a miracle cure that can be exhilarating, intense and spiritually enlightening. Stories like these just open up a whole new world of alternative treatment of ailments, which is overlooked many a times by urban dwellers.

This powerful brew is considered illegal in several countries due to its main ingredient – DMT (dimethyltryptamine) – so the government can continue to rope in the moolah through modern medicines and treatments and mislead people from opting for natural way of healing. As Carlos put it – “…for every disease, God has given us a plant that can cure it. Natem or Ayahuasca, however, can be used for any disease.”

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Bhavika is a nature-lover, aspiring yogini, traveler and co-founder of Fractal Enlightenment, who strives to help fellow beings reconnect with nature and their true selves. Thank you for being part of this journey.


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Hi Shira,
I see you’ve posted a link for the Know Thyself retreat in Brazil. Having myself experienced ayahuasca with 6 different Shaman all over Brazil, i would personally recommend Know Thyself as i found the whole program, the preperation, and the ceremony to be the most profound and the most beautiful. The Shaman who works with Know Thyself, Leo, is a truly very gifted Ayahuasquero.
You can read peoiples testimonials here; http://www.know-thyself.org/ayahuasca-experiences.html

Blessings x


Anyone has any recommendations where to do this? I ran into this website where they are doing those retreats in Brazil, any suggestions?



hey Shira,

There are several retreats where Ayahuasca healing ceremonies take place. How good they are would be based on your research or talking to people who have been to one of these retreats. The one mentioned in my article is not a retreat, Margaret deWys takes small groups of people to Ecuador where the Shaman takes you through this enlightening journey. You can get in touch with her, details are mentioned in the above post.:)

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